Please pray for Peggy Glaze

Bob and Peggy Glaze took us to this restaurant in Oklahoma City on our last trip to their state. Now they really need our prayers.

Dear readers, we ask you today to pray for our friend Peggy, who is in great pain and in hospital in Oklahoma City. Peggy is the wife of Dr Bob Glaze, General Manager of South West Radio Church (SWRC), a fine ministry which daily broadcasts the prophetic word across America.
Peggy has had considerable problems with her right knee and has had three knee replacement operations, all of which failed.
She has had constant pain and this week it got a lot worse, until on Tuesday she could not move the knee without screaming in pain. An ambulance took Peggy to Mercy Hospital and they removed liquids from her knee, finding that she had serious infection in her leg.
Her artificial kneecap was removed and Peggy is on powerful antibiotics six times a day. The surgeon cannot replace her knee for several weeks and Peggy cannot move out of bed.
If she has to go home to wait for an operation Bob will have to do home nursing. Many ministers and wives of ministers are under serious attack at this time and need your prayer support. They include men like Roger Oakland and Arnold Fruchtenbaum. If a ministry is effective, Satan will try and attack it, and physical ailments are a common means.

The SWRC ministry that Bob Glaze runs is a true friend of Israel, teaches the truth about End Times and as such is a prime target. If you live near Oklahoma, please prayerfully consider whether you could provide some practical help to Bob and Peggy. And please pray for relief from pain and a solution to this problem.


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Genesis 6:17

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