Girl of 11 passes out watching crude sex education film in English school. By Pat Franklin

A girl aged 11 fainted during a crude sex education film being shown at her school in England.  Her mother told me the girl was ill for two days following the class and began having nightmares.

 "They showed the film, but did not ask our permission.  It is sickening that we have to protect our kids from their own schools," she said.

"My daughter knew about human reproduction and the birds and bees, and she is not a squeamish child, but the film on sexual reproduction was extremely graphic. It showed a penis going into the vagina and ejaculating, and that is when my daughter passed out.  The teacher was scared; she was shame-faced. My daughter was ill for two days and began having nightmares. 

"My advice to all parents is to look at what is being taught in Religious Education, in the Personal Social and Health classes and in science.  Find out when those classes touch on sex education and pull your child out.  In England up to the age of 15 you can pull your child out of sex education, but not science class.  But you can make a dental appointment that day!

"And it's not only sex ed.  Your children need shielding from many things, especially in secondary school.  You have to look across the whole spectrum.  English lessons are dark.  The books they have to read are always about something to do with death, rape, murder.  Geography classes are often about so-called global warming.  History lessons look at things like jobs for women in the Middle Ages, bringing feminism into history.  And homosexuality is brought into many lessons, even maths.  It is like a poison spreading throughout the lessons."

The mother who told me these things is a voice crying in the wilderness.  Why are our overpaid politicians and educators not crying out over all this?  They are remarkably silent - especially the politicians, so full of hot air on most occasions.  It is left to a concerned mother to raise her voice in warning.

I am glad our kids are grown up, but I tremble for our grandchildren, if they have to face any of this.  We had many a run in over things taught in secondary school and college.  There were books our daughter could not bear to read.  One book in college which was set for an important exam was so disgusting that she asked me to have a look at it, saying she had read a few pages and just didn't want to read any more of it. I read the darn thing (which was being plugged by the BBC, I might add) and completely agreed that it was totally unsuitable for a young lady to read.  I went to the college, put our case, and she was given a different book. 

 In elementary school we even had issues over the choir.  My daughter loved to sing and was in a class choir preparing to sing in a public event.  The trouble was the choice of songs.  One was all about witchcraft.  She just couldn't sing it.

Then there were the parties - girly birthday parties which should have been fun, but were torment for our daughter.  At one the parents showed a film which she found upsetting.  As the only Christian at those events, she was the odd one out. Eventually, she would just cringe if she got an invitation to a party and in the end she just did not go to parties. 

This is all part of the normal Christian life.  Christians do not fit in.  The world hated Jesus and it doesn't like us either.  That is good.  It means we are on the right track; we're doing our job of being salt and light, even though it is uncomfortable.  Hang in there, dear parents!   Raise that warning flag.  Go to the school and do your best to protect your kids' minds from being polluted in the classroom.  If they call you a "holy Joe", rejoice!  Your reward will be a good one, and it will last forever.



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