Alan's May speaking dates in Tennessee and Virginia

We are leaving St. Louis early next week, preparing for a slew of speaking dates in Tennessee and Virginia, including Friday and Saturday, May 20/21, at The Southwest Radio Church prophecy awareness conference at The Holiday Inn, Bristol Convention Center, 3005 Linden Drive, Bristol, VA, 24202. US churches wishing to make a speaking booking for next spring should contact us now.

Our first US date this year is on Sunday May 15, when I will be the speaker at the morning and evening services at The Fishery Church, Erwin, Tennessee. In the morning my focus will be :The European Union in Bible Prophecy and I aim to show how the prophecies of Daniel are being fulfilled today in the EU superstate- future base of antichrist.

Pat will be speaking to the ladies' Sunday School class in the morning.

In the evening I will look at the current world situation in the light of Bible prophecy. My title is: The World On Red Alert. Let's put it like this: if the world is not eagerly awaiting the second coming of the Lord Jesus, it will soon be in for a big surprise!

The signs are all around, from earthqquakes and natural disasters to huge political uphevals in the Middle East, leading to more end times assaults on Israel. These are the times of the signs, folks- and the signs of the times tell me time is short!

I have Powerpoint presentations for all my talks and one thing I can promise: you won't be bored if you attend. The Word of God is an astounding book, history written ahead of time. Only God knows what happens next, but he caused His prophets to write about it, sometimes 2,500 years in advance. We are approaching the end of history. You should know what is going on. People look to horoscopes and mythmongers for guidance when the Bible has all they need to know if only they would read it.

On Friday and Saturday, MAY 20/21, we are at the Bristol prophecy conference, with a host of great speakers. The conference opens on the Friday at 8 am and I speak for my first session from 3.30 to 4.30, on current events and their prophetic significance.

On Saturday, after prayers and opening remarks, I am the first speaker, from 9 to 10 am, on Cults and Isms: True or False? Our book on the Cults will be for sale at the conference and this and our other recent work, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, will be available at our other speaking dates.

On Sunday May 22 I am the speaker at the morning and evening services at Calvary Baptist Church, Irwin, Tennessee, 37650, tel 423 743-4926.

 My morning theme will be The World On Red Alert while in the evening I will be examining Cults and Isms from a Biblical perspective.

Next year I plan a longer stay in the States from March, possibly to May if I am invited to speak, so now is the time to book a date. My diary in Britain is already filling up for 2012. Remember, time is short. The world needs to know what is happening, for soon it will be too late to tell them.....

If your church would like a presentation next year, on anything from the fast growing cults and why they are wrong, to the Middle East in Bible Prophecy - a vital subject -now is the time to arrange it as we need to arrange the logistics well in advance, including booking flights. I speak anywhere I am asked but attempt to get clusters of dates to prevent too much driving between venues. Contact



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