Time to sound the trumpet for Britain as liars and traitors sell out our independence. Opinion, by Alan Franklin.

The traitors and liars who “lead” Britain – if you can interpret their feeble squawks as anything so robust as “leadership” – have yet again sold Britain down the river. Cameron, the smarmy, glib and gay friendly Prime Minister, proved himself to be liar-in- chief when he forced all members of his government –Conservatives and Liberal Democrats- to refuse the people of Britain a vote on the constitution of the United States of Europe. This is the Lisbon Treaty, an artfully renamed document which sounds less threatening than what it is: the plan to merge every country in Europe into a single superstate, with one president. 


Cameron was elected- without enthusiasm and without an overall majority – after giving “a cast iron guarantee” that the people of Great Britain would get a vote on whether or not their country’s independence would be flushed away. Pretty important, this: we fought two World Wars and many other battles over hundreds of years to keep our right to govern ourselves. Nick Clegg, his atheist, Liberal Democrat deputy, had campaigned on a platform of giving the people of Britain “a real vote” on whether or not to stay in the EU.



Clegg, who was a Member of the European Parliament until 2004 and is totally committed to the EU plans to rule Europe as one entity, needless to say reneged on the promise at the first test. Britain’s Labor Party (Labour in the UK) promised a referendum under previous Prime Minister Gordon Brown- another whose promise vanished like mist on a sunny morning once he got elected. The motion to give the people of Britain a referendum on the EU was defeated by 483 votes to 111.



David Cameron ordered his MPs to vote against the proposal, saying that any member of the Government who voted for the people to have a say would be sacked. Most obeyed their master’s voice, deciding their fat salaries, cars and ministerial expenses were worth more than integrity and doing the right thing.   The good news is, 111 good and true men and women were found willing to risk their careers, and the wrath of the Biased Broadcasting Corporation – the BBC which for years has waged a pro Europe campaign of hideous bias – to do the right thing and vote against the evil monster called the EU, the sinister superstate that is smothering and killing Europe’s once-free nations like a lethal virus. 


Men of principle- there are still a few, like Northern Ireland’s Dr. Ian Paisley, knew that this would probably be the last chance to leave the clutches of the EU, which accounts for over 70 per cent of the legislation pumped out of Westminster (it’s just EU laws recycled, often without being properly read.) Labor, of course, led by a man so lacking in principle that he stabbed his own brother in the back in the leadership contest, has been gloating over the result, as they put party politics over country. In short, the best we can now do is heave the blighters overboard.



My strong advice to all readers with a vote in Britain is to join the UK. Independence Party, get involved in branch meetings and work hard to get MPs, MEPs and councillors who truly speak for the British people elected, where they can have some influence. The hour is late, the day is dark but remember also: prayer changes things. At times of great peril in the recent past, like the Second World War, the country was called to prayer, prayed for its survival – and did survive.



Have we men who can lead this now? Yes, but they are not in public prominence. That can change, but it takes effort. Remember, relatively few homosexual activists changed the whole law and sexual mores of the nation , despite being just one per cent of the people. It takes effort. Are we prepared to put in the effort that our opponents do, and more? The trumpet sounds for Britain. It's time for a blast.


Now here’s a link to a story published by Christian Voice which has the names of all those brave MPs who defied pressure to vote for Britain. 



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