Iran is a menace that must be dealt with. A letter to the President.

To: President Barack Obama
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Vice-President Joseph Biden
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
as well as other distinguished elected officials

President Obama,

Mr. President, I respectfully ask that you make your voice heard now, protesting the Iranian genocidal threats blatantly spoken by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The dangers to Israel are accelerating with the imminent Iranian acquisition of nuclear weapons, and yet our government, by its silence, appears to side with the Islamists whose avowed goal is to eradicate the state of Israel.  

President Obama, at the same time you and your administration are putting unprecedented pressure on Israel to freeze construction in what are incorrectly referred to as "the settlements", the much greater threat of Israel's complete annihilation by Iran is ignored. The housing of civilians on Israeli land has long been a smoke-screen hiding the fundamental Palestinian desire to engulf the entire land of Israel, rather than "peace alongside Israel." Under the Palestinian Charter, nothing but total take-over of Israel is acceptable. This has never been revoked.

If Israel shows weakness by accepting a US demand to cease any building, it will only encourage her enemies. Your failure to acknowledge the simple need of a sovereign nation to expand residences for its citizens causes us dismay. Every country has the obligation to allow for housing its citizens. It is a basic responsibility of any government of a free nation.

I further ask that when you address the UN the week of September 21st that you speak out on behalf of the survival of our only reliable democratic ally in the Middle East – Israel. Israel has endured thousands of years of Islamic hatred, violence, and genocide, long-preceding the current on-going Iranian threats.

I feel that 3,000 years of history permits you to make the case for Israel's inalienable right to continue to survive as a Jewish state, despite the many threats of Arab genocide. And certainly with our long-established history of friendship and shared values, it behooves the US to speak out in Israel's defense.

Unless the Palestinians first agree to recognize the very existence of Israel as a Jewish state, there can be no hope that Israel or the free world can expect a peaceful outcome. Following in the footsteps of Gaza, a sovereign Palestinian state led by Hamas/Fatah terrorists would only lead this troubled region into more chaos.

Millions of your constituents need to hear from you that US policy supports Israel and that we will cease making demands that put their population at existential risk. Our democratic ally Israel has fought this ideological battle for 61 years while sustaining our Judeo-Christian values.

Please bear in mind that should Israel fall due to lack of US support, we "infidel Americans" will have to take our place on the front line, waging a battle against the encroaching world-wide Jihad that is rapidly advancing within our own borders. This is the zero hour. A majority of Americans want to stand up for Israel. Please accept the lessons of history as we commemorate the devastation that struck our nation on 9/11/01. In dealing with irrational, possibly nuclear enemies, the US must display strength, or its weakness will be exploited by its enemies. Respectfully,


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