As anti US frenzy sweeps the Islamic world, it’s wake-up time in the west. Here's what happens next. By Alan Franklin.

No doubt, across America and the western world, people are wondering what is going on across the Middle East. Fortunately, the Bible sets out the scenario and its outcome: the end of Islam. This false religion, based more on fantasy and bits cribbed and distorted from the Jews and early Christians than on any “prophecies,” is currently looking formidable.

That’s because its opponents are perceived as weak and without convictions. President Carter was a good example and it took the anticipation of a stronger man, President Reagan, taking office, to end the Iranian Embassy hostage crisis. Islam succeeds only when its opponents back away and give ground.

If you read Psalm 83 you will see how the Lord God deals with those who dare to come against Israel, His chosen land, His precious place. It describes the Arab nations around Israel“making shrewd plans” against the Jews and “conspiring together” to wipe them out as a nation. The Bible tells us that this is not going to happen. The reverse will be true.

I set out all this in my DVDs, especially “The Middle East in Bible prophecy,” available from our web shop. We also deal with Islam and other false religions in our books, setting out in the Tables of Truth exactly why they are the precise opposite of Christianity. That also goes for Roman Catholicism, by the way.

In Ezekiel 38/39 we then see Satan’s next attempt at wiping out the Jews, his hope being that by so doing he stops the second advent of The Lord Jesus Christ. A study of the book of Revelation shows how this will spectacularly fail and lead to his demise. Nor will all the Jews be wiped out or forced out ofIsrael when all the world’s armies come against it at the very end of this age, after the Ezekiel prophecy, although to the world it will seem a close-run thing. Two thirds of the Jewish people will die. The remaining third will accept the Lord Jesus and call out for His return to rescue them. This is what He has been waiting for.

The Ezekiel chapters describe a Russian-led invasion, with a huge Russian/Islamic army swarming into The Holy Lnd, where they will be utterly destroyed on the mountains ofIsrael. This clearly comes after the Psalm 83 events, which remove the threat posed to Israel by its immediate neighbours. The nations are precisely listed and are clearly a different group than those vanquished in the Psalm 83 events. As foe after foe comes against the tiny land of Israel, and each wave is utterly destroyed, even a dozy, ill-informed world, fed on a diet of soap operas and sports, will dimly perceive that something extraordinary is going on.

Meanwhile, we have so-called leaders like Obama, with his Islamic upbringing and extremely dubious provenance, trying to do deals with allegedly “moderate” Islamics. There are no such people. They either believe the words of the prophet, in which case they intend to take over the world and kill their enemies, including wiping out all other faiths, or they are not true believers in Islam. If you follow a religious leader, you accept what he says and put it into practice, not hedge around. That is where many Christians would do well to understand what they are dealing with and what is going on. Our books are packed with facts and you can get them from our web-shop while there is still time, before all such truth becomes impossible to tell.

I am also available to talk to any churches who want to know the real Biblical scenario of the end times. Not sensationalism or fantasy – although what is about to occur will be “sensational” in the truest sense, but scripture-based insight, backed up by an intense study of world events. Time is short, readers. It’s wake up time!

Now here’s a great article I read today on the website of Unity Coalition for Israel:

Surrender, American-style

Ruthie Blum - Israel Hayom, September 14th, 2012

The attacks againstUnited Statesembassies and consulates in the Islamic world this week were to be anticipated. Though the ostensible spark for the violence that left U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and other Americans dead or wounded was a trailer of an amateur film called “Innocence of Muslims,” the real impetus was the anniversary of 9/11.

So far, the main carnage has taken place inLibya,Egypt, andYemen, but the Islamic frenzy has begun to spread to many other parts of the region, as well. Protests by Muslims against the “Great Satan” have erupted inBangladesh,Iran,Iraq,Morocco,Sudan,Tunisia,Israeland the Gaza Strip.

Mass anti-American demonstrations — some planned and others spontaneous — are not merely common among fundamentalist Muslims; they are part and parcel of the concerted campaign to destroy the West. This political-religious phenomenon is not due to excessive Western power and imperialism, as apologists on the Left purport. On the contrary, it is directly correlated to liberal Western values, perceived in the radical Islamist world as depravity and weakness.

All of the issues that Americans, Europeans, and Israelis battle over at the ballot box — such as the best way to achieve the greatest amount of equality for men, women, gays, and ethnic groups — are precisely those which the jihadists (jihad means ‘holy war’) believe the Quran is telling them to eradicate and replace with Shariah law.

When these jihadists witness their nemeses shunning swords in favor of plowshares  — preferringHollywoodand high-tech to honor killings — they are spurred into action, not lulled into emulation. Indeed, if there’s one thing they know how to spot thousands of miles away, it is chinks in their enemies’ armor.

This is not a new phenomenon. Nor did it rear its ugly head on Sept. 11, 2001 — the day many clueless Americans woke up to a bloody reality about which they had been blissfully ignorant until it literally came crashing down on their heads.

Let us go back 22 years earlier. On Nov. 4, 1979, after the Islamic Revolution inIranhad ousted the Shah and replaced him with Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, a grass-roots group called “Muslim Students Following the Imam’s Line” stormed the U.S. Embassy inTehranand took its entire staff hostage for 444 days.

During the planning stage of the operation (originally intended to last less than a week), one prominent member of a pro-Khomeini umbrella organization was asked to contribute to the endeavor. The 23-year-old civil engineering student — Mahmoud Ahmadinejad — was enthusiastic, but suggested that they take over the “Marxist anti-God” Soviet Embassy instead. His proposal was immediately ruled out, on the grounds that the Soviets wouldn’t mess around; they would slaughter every hostage-taker on the spot. The Americans, on the other hand, were more likely to let the Iranian government come to their rescue.

This assumption would turn out to be even more accurate than they had hoped. In fact, when they did scale the walls and begin to descend upon the frightened staff members, the Marines on duty were ordered by the charge d'affairs (acting ambassador) of the embassy to put down their weapons and — with the rest of the staff — “surrender with your head held high.”

As it would emerge, when days turned into weeks, and then months, and finally more than a year, President Jimmy Carter was surrendering with his head held so high that it got lodged in the clouds, where it has remained ever since.

This week was not merely a horrifying reminder of the consequences of Carter’s policies; it was a direct descendant of them — down to a disturbing detail barely noted in the mainstream media.

The American Marines stationed at the U.S. Embassy inCairodid not have bullets in their rifles at the time of the attack. This means that even if they had been given the green light to shoot the angry mobs, they would not have been able to act on it.

U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson can take the credit for that. How proud of herself she must be that she had forbidden the very men in uniform posted there to protect the building and its occupants to carry live ammunition. But even if she is now feeling that maybe it wasn’t such a wise directive, after all, her bosses at the State Department are probably patting her on the back for a job well done. She wouldn’t want to antagonize the Muslim Brotherhood, after all — especially not after a Coptic Christian had the gall to portray the Prophet Muhammad as a bisexual pedophile.

To add irony to insult, Patterson was not at her embassy during the attack, because she was inWashington. She undoubtedly had to brief President Obama ahead of the private meeting he arranged with Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi for later this month at the U.N.

There has been speculation about whether theU.S.president will actually go through with what promises to be a grovelling session with the Arab leader, since Morsi barely condemned the embassy attack. Furthermore, coming on the heels of Obama’s “inability” to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during the same time period — due to the president’s scheduled appearance on “Letterman” — such a tête-à-tête might not go over so big with some swing voters.

Personally, I’d wager the sum of the aid package that Obama is trying to convince Congress to heap on Morsi — and that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is attempting to hand over without congressional approval — that Obama will keep the date. He’s just as adept at surrendering with his head held high as Carter, after all. The question is whether the American people are going to follow suit in November.

Ruthie Blum is the author of To Hell in a Handbasket: Carter, Obama, and the ‘Arab Spring,’ now available on Amazon and in bookstores in Europe and North America.



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