'Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain' - get the book and DVD to find out the truth

Alan and Pat Franklin's new book gives you vital information.

On this 75 minute video program Alan talks to Dr David Reagan about the world's newest superpower, the European Union.
Alan and Pat Franklin in England have watched with dismay for many years as Britain's sovereignty was eroded bit by bit until little was left, and Britain was just a small region governed by the mighty European Union. Now the same thing is happening in America as the American Union is stealthily formed without the knowledge of the American people. You can find out vital information on this in our new book, 'Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain' and Alan's DVD, 'The European Union'. Some of the chapter headings in the book are: 'These Are the Last Days' 'The Coming Foreclosure Tragedy' 'The World's First Superhighways' 'I Am Not a Number' 'I Never Knew You!' 'All the News Worth Suppressing' 'One World Religion and the Ark of Hopelessness' 'Israel - Apple of God's Eye' There is also a chapter on 'Good Guys' listing the ministries, books and tapes which have been invaluable in helping us to understand what is going on today and, even more important, understanding the Bible. The book is being used by some as a witnessing tool. It contains as full an explanation of the gospel as we could devise. Many people, even in the West, have NEVER heard the simple gospel. When we tell people the simple message of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ, life-long church goers have said: 'I never heard that!' There is also an invitation to readers to accept Christ, because as He said: 'You MUST be born again!' To buy the book or DVD, go to our Web Shop.


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Therefore, the woman outght to have a symbol of authority on her head, because of the angels. (The angels witnessed Eve being deceived and leading Adam into sin. Now they watch with interest to see how women are behaving. Very few women in the western world take this scripture to heart.)
1 Cor 11:10

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