You can fool most of the people most of the time – the propaganda war to abolish the nation state, steal the independence of nations and usher in the New World Order.

You can fool most of the people most of the time – the propaganda war to abolish the nation state, steal the independence of nations and usher in the New World Order.  This article is spot on. Edward Spalton shows how propaganda of which Hitler’s propaganda chief Goebbels would have approved is being used to destroy the last of Britain’s independence and usher in the fully-fledged nation of Europe. From schoolchildren to businessmen, we are constantly told that the “only way forward” is to join this unholy mish-mash of nations –something which the Prophet Daniel clearly foresaw about 2,500 years ago.

As in America under the Obamanation, taxpayer money pays for all this misinformation. Try and point out that it is a pack of lies and you will be labeled everything from a “bigot” to “politically incorrect.” However, truth will out, as long as we can keep this website operating! ALAN FRANKLIN  


This is part of an article fromThe Euro Realist magazine of January 2011. It was headlined: REFERENDUM 2000 - THE PROPAGANDA WAR, BY EDWARD SPALTON   Edward Spalton: reflects on pro-EUpropaganda.  


Most British people are unaware that a war is being fought in this country for its very life - the PropagandaWar. It was declared very soon after the second World War in 1947 by Peter Thorneycroft, who laid down the strategy by which Conservatives and other Europhiles (although the term was not yet invented) would make Britain into a province of a united european state (which the book of Daniel reveals is the Revived Roman Empire, AF) He said that each step toward this end should be a small one, so that progress would be imperceptible. By the time people realised what had happened, it would be too late to withdraw.  


When the steps were larger, his successors would use bare-faced lies. Edward Heath (A Prime Minister who should have been tried for High Treason and executed- Alan Franklin) assured us all in 1971/72 that accession to the “Common Market” involved “no essential loss of sovereignty”.   Yet in 1998 he admitted on TV that his aim all along had been a united European state. He said it was his ambition to sit in the Parliament which voted in European Federation.


This would effectively turn Westminster into an obscure European County Council. (Something which has pretty much been accomplished- AF)  What a despicable way to have treated the electors of a mature democracy on the issue of their country's existence. Apart from telling lies, how have theybeen able to get away with it? The answer lies in what is called Propaganda - the manipulation of public opinion and perception.   Our idea of propaganda has been confused by the sort of films which are shown in historical programmes about Nazi Germany.

Dr. Goebbels was at least as clever as former Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell and he hated what he called“political” films. There was a place for them but the films of marching men and mass rallies were not the means by which he manipulated the minds of Germans. In fact, he sometimes banned directors of such films from working for years at a time.  What he wanted were films which gave people a good night out. Whether romantic, comedy,family drama or adventure, they would push the Nazi message very subtly.

I have watched such a film - a very well-made story about a charming, gifted , young couple. The wife is stricken with cancer and the husband lovingly kills her to spare her suffering.  The story moves on to his trial and the justification of “mercy killing”. By just a little bit, public opinion had been nudged towards acceptance of killing the sick. With the benefit of hindsight,we know the ghastly programme of mass-murder which was partly justified by this film - and doubtless by many radio programmes and newspaper articles, all pushing the same point.  (AF adds- the same thing is taking place today with numerous TV programmes pushing the delights of "mercy killing," which is made to look reasonable and moral.)


With regard to the nudging of British public opinion in favour of the EU, the same thing is happening with increasing intensity. Propaganda is at its most effective when you are not aware of it. Its aim is to create a shift in mood, not a logical argument. Only two months ago, public opinion pollsshowed that (I think) 55% of people rejected theEuro; yet at the same time 70% thought its introduction was inevitable.   How could that be? The aim of the propagandist is to create an atmospherewhere opposition to his project makes you feel lonely and isolated.

Now 70% of public opinion opposes the Euro but I wonder how many still feel that it is inevitable? If it is still 70%, we will lose our country in a referendum. Even if they do not entirely like it, people like to feel that they are on the side of history.  The pro-EU, pro-Euro propaganda is now funded by your taxes on such a scale as Dr.Goebbels would have approved. Every ministry now has its “European Minister”; every department and local authority its “European Officer”and a whole new tier of local government has been added at the orders of Brussels - the devolved administrations in Scotland and Wales and the unelected regional authorities in England.   


Nearly all the former civil service information officers and press officers have been replaced by this government. So there are now thousands of well-paid, influential, tax funded jobs which depend on the success of the “EU Project”.  To counter all this you need, first of all, courage and independence of mind so that you can discern what is going on. Objective, independent analysis shows that the BBC (the Biased Broadcasting Corporation!- AF) gives four or five favourable mentions for the EU to every unfavourable one.   At every level - in our schools (literally from infants upwards), in our colleges and universities the EU is pushed gently but relentlessly as natural, desirable and inevitable.

The same is true in factories and offices. If your boss or your trade union leader, or both, say that your job depends on the EU and joining the Euro, you are likely to believe them - even if you don't like the EU. Mostly, the propaganda is not “in your face” but in the background. “International cooperationis better than war, the EU is about international co-operation, therefore the EU is good”.  As counterpoint there is a relentless theme proclaiming the death or worthlessness of our own country on TV and radio and more subtly in films and entertainment. This “mood music” is everywhere. More direct persuasion is used by what they call “Champions” - people who can influence others - businessmen, trades unionists, showbiz personalities, churchmen and so on. They may be active all the time or remain quiescent until there is a big push to swing opinion.  


Quite recently I had a letter at my business from Derby City Council. It was headed “Newcentury/new currency” and asserted that the Euro (the currency now used by 17 European nations) will be introduced shortly and will affect my business so I had jolly well better get ready for it and attend their seminar.   The council sent this letter to 1,600 businesses and refuses to retract its highly tendentious statement, which assumes foreknowledge of the British people's will in a referendum which may not be held for years. Now, if they get a 5% response and only 80 directors attend and “buy into” the Euro, that will influence many hundreds, probably many thousands of employees to believe in the inevitability theory.   

I confidently predict that the next stage will be that government departments and public authorities will demand evidence from their suppliers that they are “Euro-Compliant”. If firms refuse, they will be struck off the list of approved suppliers.  We have had a dress rehearsal for this process. The British government spent an incredible £400 million of your money to counter the supposed effects of the “Millennium Bug”.

My firm was bombarded by letters from them and from my customers, demanding to be assured that my business was “Year 2000 Compliant”. (AF comments: As an editor of several journals at the time I was bombarded with ridiculous Government lies which insisted that the Millennium Bug was real, rather than a figment of some politician’s imagination!)  If I did not, I would lose their custom.The Italian government spent only £1million on its “Year 2000 Compliance” programme and Italy had no millennium bug problems. It is my belief that this was a softening up to get businesses used to complying with silly directives and to convert firms themselves into Government agents for the changeover to the euro.   


Once you have spent money to become “Euro-Compliant”you have signed up. You will not want to write it off as wasted investment and you will want to be assured that your suppliers are equally compliant. Your employees will get to feel this too and the referendum, when it comes, will be nothing more than the acknowledgement of a pre-existing fact.  I have tried to outline what might be called the strategy of propaganda, giving a broad view with illustrative examples. Those in favour of our country's right to rule itself have a daunting but not impossible task.

You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of thetime but not all of the people all of the time -though modern media and its techniques have greatly increased the proportions which can be fooled and the duration of the deception.  If you have found what I have to say interesting and would like me to come back, I would like to move on to the tactical phase - what the individual and the group can actually do.

In this I expect to be as much a learner as a teacher.   The important thing is to arm yourself with good information -there is plenty here - and to link up with like-minded people, so that you support each other's morale. Then, although we are in deadly earnest, try to use humour - the EU project is full of things worthy of informed ridicule. It is the one thing solemn bureaucrats cannot stand. As Corporal Jones in “Dad's Army” used to say: “They don't like it up 'em. They do not like it at all”. Don't let the bastards grind you down.   


Edward Spalton is active within CIB- The Campaign for an Independent Britain. 


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