The day God judged "the Sodom of the New World."

American Minute with Bill Federer

June 7

The island of Jamaica was captured from the Spanish in 1655 by
British Admiral William Penn, father of Pennsylvania's founder, but
it was too far from England to defend, so the city turned to
privateers, pirates and buccaneers for protection.

The likes of Blackbeard, Calico Jack and Captain Henry Morgan,
namesake of the rum, attacked Spanish ships and returned with their

Soon Port Royal, Jamaica, surpassed Boston as England's most
prosperous settlement.

Called "the Sodom of the New World" for its "pirates, cutthroats,
whores," drinking, gambling and slave trading, it was "the richest
and wickedest city in the world" until JUNE 7, 1692, when an
earthquake and tsunami sank it under the sea.

Over 2,000 drowned, graves opened and bodies washed about.

Eye-witness Rev. Emmanuel Heath, wrote:

"Port Royal was terribly destroyed by an earthquake and breaking in
of the sea upon it.

The destruction was four minutes multitudes were killed
by the falling houses...

I believe God I never in my life saw such a terror...the earth opened
and swallowed up people before my face...

The sea swallowed up the greatest part of that wretched sinful

They are so wicked, I fear God...will utterly destroy all by this
dreadful Judgment."

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