EU President admits Europeans were misled about the European Union - it was always about politics, not currencies.

Of course, people are only misled if they allow themselves to be. When I slammed the vile Ted "your sovereignty is not at risk" Heath in a paper Pat and I published, even organisations like a local Women's Institute banned our newspaper. Wouldn't want anything to disturb the calm of the village green, after all. This was an organisation with such wise judgement that the matrons in some branches subsequently took their clothes off for a "fun calendar."




Below is a story from The Euro Realist, published by my friend Derek Bennett. I would add that far from breaking up, the Eurozone will end up more  centrally controlled, with an economic government for Europe laying down the law to nations like Greece and  Spain. Any crisis is used to accumulate power at the centre, as Obama is also doing.




If anyone wants to know more - much more - about the origins of the EU and where it is heading, buy our DVD on the subject. Our book Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain is also packed with useful information on the coming world government and much else. I will also speak to any church group in Britain or America as my schedule permits.







It is over fifty years sincethe EU project beganwith the Coal and SteelPact, followed by theTreaty of Rome whichlaid out the long termplans for the architects ofthe European Union inflictedupon us today.



Those who laid out theseplans set out to deliberatelylie and deceive toprevent the people fromobjecting. At long last,after all these years, thetruth is finally beingspoken by one of theleading figures in the



At a meeting with civil servants Herman VanRompuy, the EU President, finally admitted that the“man in the street” in Europe was misled for yearsover the political and economic implications of“Euroland”. Speaking about the EU’s euro, hestated: “Nobody ever told the proverbial man in thestreet that sharing a single currency was not justabout making people’s lives easier when doingbusiness or travelling abroad, but also about beingdirectly affected by economic developments inneighbouring countries”.



At last a smidgeon of honesty from the‘low grade bank clerk’, in reality the euro was neverto do with economics, it was always political - as allEuro sceptics have been honestly pointing out foryears. THE BEGINNING OF THE END OFTHE EUR As plans were being made for the introduction ofthe euro, and after it was launched, the British peoplewere bombarded with the inevitability factor -they were constantly told that it was inevitable thatBritain would have to join the EU’s euro as theBritish pound sterling was to weak and would besqueezed. In fact the only inevitable factor in allthis was that the euro, an unnatural currency withoutthe backing of a single sovereign nation behindit, was going to fail.



The process of the euro’s demise hasbegun due to the problems created by the Greeksand the fact they have lived on a debt they tried tohide due to their prolificacy. Unlike Ireland whichtightened its belt and like all the other countries inthe EU, which are now having to stump up to bailthe Greeks out in an effort to save the euro, whichwill, inevitably, collapse at some stage.



The German leader, Angela Merkel, hasbeen pulling her hair out and the German peopleare showing their great unhappiness at having toprop up the Greek economy when they were initiallytold that such things would not happen whenthey did away with their much loved Deutschmark.There has even been speculation the Germans areprinting marks again in readiness to quit the euro.



The euro crisis has created disquiet allacross the EU. President Sarkozy made the threatof taking France out of the euro if the Germanswere not prepared to bail out the Greeks. Britain,although not a member of the euro, is also affectedas this country is expected to help in the bailout.



The EU’s answer to the crisis, as usual, is to proposetaking more power for itself and is planningmore controls over the financial sectors.


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