It pays to support Israel. Nations that do, thrive. Nations that don't are judged. By Alan Franklin.

One of the main reasons nations decline is that they turn against Israel. America and Britain have both done so and both are now hurtling fast towards a brick wall as judgment falls on them from all sides. God blesses those who bless the Jews and curses those who curse them. History repeatedly proves this statement true.

When Pat and I drove to Toronto for a teaching day last year we noticed that Canada was doing markedly better than America under the Obamanation and “Helicopter Ben” Bernanke, he of the over-heated printing press.

There was greater optimism and lower unemployment. As lifelong journalists we notice these things. While we were there the Canadian UN delegation walked out of the debating chamber when President Mad of Iran raved on against the Jews in his tirade at the (Dis)United Nations. In doing so they were signaling their backing for Israel.

Canada has been noticeably supportive of Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East and the only nation in that area with a growing Christian population. Elsewhere, even in so-called moderate Moslem lands like Eygpt, Christians are under increasing threat.

Obama, the most evil president in US history, waxes lyrical over the wonders of Islam, which martyrs millions of Christians – and other Muslims. In turn he puts the pressure on Israel to abandon its traditional homeland of Judea and Samaria, which the world likes to call "the West Bank", in favor of blood-soaked thugs. Is it any wonder America is in deep trouble?

I recently did a presentation to our church which showed the tumultuous, dizzying descent of once-Great Britain after she turned against Israel in 1948, even sending secret agents to sabotage refugee ships trying to get holocaust survivors to the Promised Land.(Three ships were badly damaged by limpet mines). The chart of decline was the steepest a sheet of graph paper could depict. From ruling a quarter of the earth’s surface and a quarter of its population just after the war, the numbers outside the United Kingdom left under Britain’s control had plummeted to just seven million by 1965 and we only governed Hong Kong and a few other offshore islands. Hong Kong didn't last too long either! Meanwhile the British homeland was falling apart spiritually and morally, a process now almost complete. It was probably the fastest fall from power and influence of any great empire in history.

Britain and America refused entry to countless Jews trying to escape the Nazis. Before the war Hitler offered the Jews to any nation which would give them refuge. No nation accepted, so the gas ovens were stoked up. The west having kept the Jews at bay God, who is not mocked, caused a flood of Islamics to invade our nations – people whose religious creed calls for our domination or destruction. There are always consequences when you go against God’s chosen people.

Another talk I give, which I will be glad to repeat to any church in America, as this is important material, shows the precise consequences when America acted  against Israel on ten major occasions. Every time, usually while the ink was drying on a one-sided "land for peace"promise, or when some bloodthirsty rat like Arafat was being "honored" by a US president, a natural disaster of ferocious proportions hit America: hurricanes, tornados, you name it, the facts are clear and documented beyond question. There are always consequences when nations act against God's chosen people and land, His special place on earth. Countries that repeatedly disregard this fact will go the way of the Mayans - and they are extinct.

Knowledge of all this, the study of prophecy and a deep sense of foreboding as I watch the business news each day gives me a great sense of urgency: people need to be warned and the church needs to wake up. This is why I will be touring and talking in America next spring and, perhaps, also in the fall, in a "world on red alert tour." I will set off from Missouri and Tennessee and move on to Oklahoma, doing some dates with Dr Larry Spargimino of Southwest Radio. Larry, like me, is one of the authors of a major new book just out in America about the conditions leading up to the rapture of the chuch. It's called "The Departure" and, again, our aim it to warn the church how late the hour is. If you want me to speak at your church please e-mail me at

I didn't set out to write all this: my aim was to draw attention to this story about Canada’s Prime Minister, Stephen Harper. This is what the Unity Coalition for Israel said in a recent circular:

URGENT ACTION ALERT - If you have not yet thanked PM Stephen Harper of Canada for his strong words of support for Israel, please watch his brief video excerpt and sign the attached letter.

Your signature will affirm your agreement and appreciation for his profound speech against anti-Semitism delivered at "The Ottawa Conference on Combating Anti-Semitism."Despite the lessons humanity should have collectively learned from the Holocaust of World War II, a tidal wave of anti-Semitism still threatens the planet. It is triggered by a concerted propaganda campaign, led by those who will not recognize and would destroy Israel's very existence.No one could express the values of our free Western world more brilliantly than PM Harper does. View the brief five minute excerpt from his speech delivered at The Ottawa Conference on Combating Anti-Semitism, thanking Prime Minister Harper for his courageous stand! SIGN LETTER HEREFor a strong Israel and a united Jerusalem,

Esther Levens
CEO and Founder
Unity Coalition for Israel
YOUR LETTER WILL READ AS FOLLOWS: (You can edit the wording to suit your own reaction to his speech and your letter will be emailed directly to Prime Minister Harper and other selected officials.)

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

Unfortunately today, more than 70 years after the rise of Nazism, there is a tidal wave of anti-Semitism taking place world-wide. This tsunami of anti-Israel hatred has erupted, triggered by a concerted propaganda campaign, led by the Islamic world and the United Nations Security Council. It is part of the Jihad against Israel's very existence.
No one could express the values of our free Western world more brilliantly than you have done in your speech, delivered at The Ottawa Conference on Combating Anti-Semitism.

Your message of support for Israel should go down in history as a memorable tribute.

It is brilliant and epitomizes the appreciation and understanding that we share for the only democratic government in the turbulent Middle East. It beautifully expresses the mutual principles of both the United States and Canada, and identifies our values and culture. It points up the contrast with those who would destroy Israel at this critical time of peace negotiations.

Thank you for having the courage to openly express your feelings.

 Please be sure to TAKE ACTION, thanking Prime Minister Harper for this courageous stand! 


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