Door is closing on the Internet - so make copies of any articles you find useful!

Obama is giving up American control of the Internet.  Global bodies will control it in future.  This means that sites like this one might well disappear.  The Internet has been a unique tool, the first time in human history when ordinary people could publish to the whole world.   It has been the heyday of free speech, but that is now likely to end.

The news came last Friday as Fox News and others made the announcement. 

We urge any of our readers to copy and save any of our articles which might be useful in the future.  If you don't know how to do this, here is how:

1.  Get up a blank document sheet - Microsoft Word or similar

2.  Minimize it.

3.  Go the the article you want to keep.

4.  Left click on the start of it and keep your finger on the clicker, dragging the mouse down to the end of the article.  This highlights the whole article. Lift your fingers off the mouse.

5.  Hold down the Control button on the bottom left of your keyboard and while it is still down, hit the 'c' key.  This automatically copies the article into the computer memory.  It is now copied, but you have to put it somewhere.

6.  Click on the blank document you already minimized.  When it comes up, click on it, on white space. 

7.  Hold the Control button down again and while it is down hit the 'V' key.  This will copy the whole article on to your document.  Now hit Control plus the 's' key to save the article.  So it is Control c, Control v, control s.

8.  Once you have the article, go to File, Save As and save it wherever you want.

It sounds complicated, but really it is quite easy, as you will find if you try it.  Now you have the article and can always retrieve it from your own computer and print it out or whatever.

We hope our readers will save the Tables of Truth in particular (top left on the home page).

Our days of freedom are numbered.  Any invitations for speaking in Britain or America please email

Our books and DVDs are still available on this website, packed full of information. 

Alan adds: Time is short and darkness is closing in as we approach the season of the Lord's return. Today (March 16) I spoke to our fellowship in Surrey, England, about "The Gathering Storm," with a roundup of world news which relates directly to End Times prophecy, from Syria to Israel, the coming crash of cash, our society under God's judgement and much else. This will shortly be available on a DVD as all my talks to our church are filmed.

I will be delighted to speak in America or the United Kingdom to any church which wants to know more about how prophetic events are fast shaping up for the final showdown, the coming Antichrist, the one-world government, the future of the Middle East, Israel's key role in events, the European Union in Bible prophecy and much, much else, including an expose of cults and isms, from Catholicism and Islam to Seventh Day Adventism. The Word of Faith movement is also exposed to the Word of God, especially the "name it and claim it" preachers you see prancing about on the godless TV channels...

It's all hard-hitting, politically incorrect and judgemental - but Biblically correct, which is what really matters. I doubt my tours will be able to go on much longer, so if you want to hear the truth while there is yet time, the e-mail address above will get through to me.


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But when the Son of Man comes in His glory, and all the angels with Him, then He will sit on His glorious throne. All the nations will be gathered before Him...
Matthew 25:31,32

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