UN recognition of “Palestine” could trigger world economic meltdown - and the establishment of the New World Order. By Alan Franklin.

UN recognition of “Palestine” could trigger world economic meltdown - and the establishment of the New World Order. By Alan Franklin.                         

This September, the United Nations may recognize a “Palestinian” state, thus triggering another assault on Israel. For the Islamics will never be happy until they have wiped out the Jews. This spitting in the face of God could well provoke the final crash of the world economy and the ushering in of the New World Order. 


No nation or group of nations that has moved against Israel has ever escaped judgment. The world’s finances have been teetering on the edge of the abyss for several years and I am surprised we haven’t yet crashed over – the crash of cash. When the world overwhelmingly endorses the phony state of a make-believe people, expect the whole world to take the consequences. 


Yet these things happen in God’s time, not man’s. That’s why, when false prophets like Harold Camping predict the day of the rapture, you know that’s when it will never happen! Nevertheless, we are told what the times and seasons will be like as we head into the End Times. (See Matthew 24.) 


The establishment of the state of Israel in 1948, exactly as predicted by Biblical prophets like Isaiah 2,500 years before, and against all odds, set the prophetic time clock ticking. We are now at a few seconds to midnight. For the background to the momentous events about to unfold, get our books, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain and Cults and Isms; True or False? from our web shop – or invite me to give some talks to your church. Christians need to know and recognize the signs of the times- for these are the times of the signs! And time is short….. 


By and large the church, let alone the world, is asleep and yawning at this time of earth-shakingly important events in world history. That’s despite the fact that the Book of Revelation, which sums up the Bible’s prophecies and sets out exactly what is about to happen, has a special blessing for those that study it. No other book of the Bible has this. This is a hint from GOD that it is important! 


Ignorant people scan horoscopes to find out the future. They are misled and misguided. The Bible tells us everything that’s about to happen, in great detail – especially the end times assault on Israel, one of the smallest, yet the most important, nation on earth, for it will be where the Lord Jesus returns to rule and reign for a thousand years. 


America is already under judgment, for its pressure on Israel, its vile promotion of homosexuality, its pornography epidemic, its murder of over 50 million babies and much, much else. Britain has been falling apart since it turned on Israel and divided up the land originally earmarked as a Jewish homeland, which included what is now Jordan. The Jews ended up with 13 per cent of what they were promised.

In return, Britain lost its empire, its influence, its world standing – and got repopulated with millions of immigrants, many of them Islamics dedicated to its downfall. This was the country which, like America, refused entry to most Jewish refugees trying to flee Hitler’s terror. There are ALWAYS consequences, and my research has found numerous examples of what happens to nations every time they move against God’s special place on earth- the Holy Land.

So what is this mythical place the world calls “Palestine”? The Romans called the land Palestine, after the long-gone Philistines, in revenge for Jewish uprisings. There never has been a “Palestinian” people, country, capital, language or identity. In WW2, “Palestinian” units of the British Army were 100 per cent Jewish. The Arabs, for the most part, backed the Nazis.

Yet the world, for reasons that defy rationality, supports the mass murderers, extortionists, liars, thugs and maniacs who control Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) and the Gaza Strip. So expect some kind of “Palestinian state” to emerge shortly. Israel’s Foreign Ministry is reportedly resigned to this development, as the vast majority of the 192 nations represented in the UN are anti- Israel, anti Semitic and pro Muslim. Some 56 are either totally Islamic or have significant Muslim populations.

The world population of Islamics is estimated at 1.6 billion. These people, faced with an Israel with a Jewish population of around 5.5 million, are in for a shock. For they will not be able to impose their will on God’s chosen people. Perhaps the Israelis will muster enough support in the UN Security Council to stop this development, in which case the world may get a brief breathing space. We know that now the Jews have returned to their homeland, they will never again be removed from it. God Himself promises this. 


I do not believe the Jews will sanction the division of Jerusalem, the city of King David 3,000 years ago. Unless the Americans would like to set an example by handing half of Washington over to Iran…..It would make about as much sense. If the terrorists who control both Hamas and Fatah, which are equally dedicated to wiping out Israel, were to get half of Jerusalem, their missiles could be fired just a few hundred yards from the Knesset, Israel’s parliament. Israel has Netanyahu, a good Prime Minister, who has no intention of allowing this.

The world wants Jerusalem. The Pope wants to control it, the UN wants to control it – and the Antichrist will briefly try and control it. Do not think we are moving into times of peace and plenty. Expect wars, bloodshed, mayhem, meltdown, hunger and a decimation of the world population. Remember, too, that world dictators always arise when there is depression, bankruptcy and unemployment. People turn to the strong man. The Bible calls him Antichrist. You can almost hear his footsteps….. 


The world is seeking to “solve the Israel problem. It also wants a universal bale-out. It wants candy and sweet music, handouts and goodies, with an I-Pad in every home. Friends, that’s not what the Bible tells me is coming: the time of Jacob’s Trouble, the worst time in the history of the world. Better get ready. But first, get informed.   


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'And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, made ready as a bride adorned for her husband.'
Revelation 21:2

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