Get brilliant design work done at East European prices! (A personal recommendation from Alan and Pat Franklin)

Web design expert Andrey Osipov with his fiance Tatiana

Meet Andrey Osipov, the very clever Ukrainian guy who designed our website for us. If you need web work, graphics, flash animation, a new logo or a company newsletter done, we strongly recommend that you contact Andrey. Since his firm, Visual Craft, operates in Ukraine, where prices are still low, your graphics, website and newsletter can be designed and maintained for a much lower price than you would ordinarily pay.

You might think that it would be hard to do business by phone and email with a firm in the Ukraine, but in fact it was very easy, and we were delighted with the speed and brilliance of Andrey and his team. We were doubly delighted with the amount of money we saved! Have a look at their own website, which is They say: ‘We are a team of web site and graphic designers.

"We offer affordable custom web site design and hosting services, as well as brand logo design and web site redesign services. ‘Our affordable custom web site design together with database integration, programming and web site search engine optimisation will improve your ability to compete in this market, attract potential clients worldwide, and thereby increase your sales.

"No matter whether we create brand logo design or an exclusive custom web site design with advanced features, with us you make as many revisions as you want, until you get exactly what you need, and with our great value services anyone can afford it!’ As well as our Free Press site, Andrey has designed and set up the website for the Hope Now charity at Andrey also designs a full color monthly newsletter for Hope Now, and it is consistently brilliant.

Andrey is pictured here with his beautiful wife, Tatiana. You can contact Andrey on email at or by phone on 01212 888255 in the UK.


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