Turn off the TV and open the Bible to find the truth! by Pat Franklin

‘In the beginning, God made the heavens and the earth.’  Genesis 1:1  That is the flat truth.  But ‘How the Universe Works’ is back in the TV listings, and I watched a bit of it last night, because I love to find out more about God’s wondrous creation.  Of course God was completely left out.  It is a godless series.  There is no hope in it whatsoever.  No wonder some young people turn to suicide.  If anyone thinking like that is reading this, please go to www.creation.com and find out the truth about God’s marvelous creation.

I realized later that godlessness is why we are in our current predicament – complete godlessness is bearing its evil fruit.  So very many people have totally rejected God, rejected truth, rejected the Lord Jesus as creator.  No wonder they  can’t think straight!

If you chuck out the truth, what are you left with?  Right!   Untruth.  A godless universe.  Jesus said He was the Truth.  ‘I am the way (to heaven), the truth (every word He spoke was and is true), and the life (He is the creator, folks!).  John 14

Reject Him and you reject truth.  You actually lose the ability to reason; you lose common sense. (Romans chapter 1).  Ultimately you end up with a depraved mind, as so many exhibit today.

And so our present predicament.  People were railroaded into taking a jab which does not stop you getting or transmitting a virus.   

Hey guys, that jab won’t stop anything!  Never mind, get the jab!  Get boosted!  Turn off your brain; don’t argue; don’t research; don’t listen to all those eminent doctors warning and setting out the data!  Oh no! 

Or you can start right now, researching and learning, finding and accepting the truth. 




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Matthew 24:44

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