It's time for black US Christians to vote maturely: a vote for Obama just because he is part black is racism. Comment, and more inconvenient facts, by ALAN FRANKLIN.

One thing that saddens me is that most black Christians voted for the viciously anti-Christian Obama, the man who thinks it is fine for a man to marry another man, the President who declared every June to be “pervert pride” month and wears a tie and handkerchief in the rainbow hues favored by the perverted. This is, in fact, racism: voting because of race instead of merit, for Obama clearly has none. By the way, Obama is descended from Arab slave traders, which is why he has an Arabic name!

He is only one sixteenth black African and thus cannot be called "the first black president."According to ABC polls, 96 percent of African American voters said they would vote for Obama . This is despite the fact that his policies are anti Christian, anti-Bible and frequently pro Muslim. This is unsurprising as when he attended school inIndonesia his religion was declared as Muslim.

Once you are a Muslim there is no leaving the faith on pain of death. He has described the Muslim call to prayer as “the prettiest sound on earth” and, when he visited Saudi Arabia, bowed low to the King - a mark of submission. I could go on, but you get the picture. Check out more on the fraud in the White House by using our search engine, top right.

So, as Obama is touted by the misguided as some kind of black hero, here are the facts: Obama is, racially, 8/16ths (half!) White, 7/16ths Arab, 1/16 Black. I understand that to mean that Barack Hussein Mohammed Obama cannot be called the first black president. If black American supporters of Obama thought this through, they would see that their "hero" is half white while much of his gene pool came from the vicious Arab slave traders who scoured Africa for slaves, first to sell to Islamic nations and later to white sea captains. This is why Obama's name is Arabic, not African! People's racial background matters not to me, but I point out these inconvenient facts to those who vote on racial lines.

Last week I was talking to a black lady taxi driver in Boston, MASS. An immigrant from Uganda, she was a fine, believing, hard-working woman. However - and it is a big however - she voted for Obama. "Why?" I asked. Then came a typical response: "Romney would have thrown out immigrants whereas Obama will help me get my sister in from Uganda." So that's how the leader of the free world was chosen, in case you had any illusions.

There are great black American leaders who saw through Obama and they should be listened to. One, a Christian pastor who talked to me at a conference at which we both spoke, said that he estimated voter fraud to be epidemic among Obama supporters and said “I know these people.” Pat and I would vote any time for Republican Allen West of Florida, a brilliant and informed speaker. The fact that he is black is not the point: he is good.  That’s how we should look at candidates; blind support because of race is wrong and a mark of immaturity.

Here is a brilliant article which all voters should read: It's by a black commentator called Lloyd Marcus and his headline is: An Angry Black Man. His article includes the following state,ment, fiercer than anything I could say: "An idiot relative said, “I voted for Obama because Romney will make us all Mormons.” A yahoo said, I voted for free healthcare.” News flash knucklehead, healthcare “ain't” free.

"I need time for God to give me the grace to forgive my black family. I am furious and extremely disappointed in them for voting skin-color over Christian principles. I feel like saying, “Don't tell me about your commitment to Jesus Christ ever again. I don't want to hear it!”

"I will not apologize for my anger because mine is a righteous anger. Evil appearing to triumph should make one angry. Jesus was angry when He turned over the tables of the money changers in the temple.

"The Bible says, “Be angry, but sin not.” Thus, I will not tell-off my family and I forgive them. But, I think it best that I not be in their presence or take their phone calls for awhile.  Like millions of Americans, my heart is broken for my country. "

It's time for all Americans to vote like grown-ups and engage their critical faculties. Yes, we are to JUDGE! If you want to learn about the Biblical way to judge and why we MUST judge, get our book, Cults and Isms, True or False? from our web shop. It's packed with information every Christian should know, lest they be deceived, as Obama's supporters are deceived. Remember, these are the End Times and Satan's deception is everywhere.

Here is how one of the USA's foremost black leaders e-mailed me about latest book: Subject: Great Book
"I have almost completed the reading of your book Cults and Isms: True or False?, and I must say it is one of the best books I've ever read.
We met a few years ago at the Southwest Radio Eastern Conference, and I treasure the opportunity to have met you and your wife.
Elder Dr. Levon R. Yuille, Chair
National black Pro-life Congress (

Here is what one well known black American church leader e-mailed me before the election (his name is omitted only because it was a private e-mail): "I to have decide that I cannot vote for either candidate. To say the least, Obama is and has been the most God-hating President in the history of this nation.

"I also believe the two choices for president is the judgment of God; that is simply saying 'America you have been weighted in the balance and found wanting.' I believe the only escape from the coming judgment is the Rapture. God Bless, behold the Lord is coming soon!"
Here’s how another American believer conveyed her feelings to me after the disaster at the elections: “I am more than a bit disappointed in the results. Only my faith in God prevents me from drowning in my tears. The next four years . . . well, we need to be prepared! My prayer life will certainly be strengthened! Where are the statesmen?” This is one way a true believer should react. We are NOT called to love evil – and Obama is certainly that.

Meanwhile, a group of patriots have started a White House Petition seeking to impeach Obama- something he richly deserves. Here are the details, from TheDailyCaller:

“With national attention focused on a long list of petitions asking the Obama administration for permission to secede from the United States, a little-watched petition to impeach the president has crept up in the rankings on the White House’s “We the People” petition web page.

“We request that Barack Obama be impeached,” the petition reads. Launched on Nov. 11, it collected 28,850 digital signatures from all 50 states in five days. The White House has promised to review petitions that attract more than 25,000 such signatures.

“The petition’s creator, identified only as “Stephen M” — the website does not provide last names — based the proposal on complaints about the president’s health care law, his declaration of war onLibyawithout congressional consent, the appointment of unelected policy “czars” in the  White House and a claim that he has tried to “change” the Constitution.

“He proclaimed war inLibyawithout getting congress approval first,” the petition reads. “Article I, Section 8- Only congress can approve to start war.”

“Obamacare is unconstitutional,” it claims, objecting to “[f]orcingUScitizens to get health insurance whether they want it or not.”

“Obama disrespects our Constitution,” it continues, “calling it flawed and trying to change it even after taking [his] oath”

“Appointing agency ‘czars’ without Senate approval,” the petition concludes, is another reason for impeachment.

“Bill Clinton was the last sitting president to be impeached. The Republican-controlled House of Representatives based that action in December 1998 onClinton’s alleged perjury when he testified that he had not engaged in a sexual tryst with a White House intern. A report from independent counsel Kenneth Starr later showed that testimony was false.

“Ten Republicans joined all 45 Democrats in the U.S. Senate in refusing to convictClintonby a 10-vote margin. A conviction would have resulted in his removal from office.

“Andrew Johnson was the only otherU.S.president to be impeached, in 1868. The Senate voted not to convict him, sparing his presidency by a single vote.

“The 71 existing petitions to allow states to secede from theU.S.have accumulated a combined 859,000 signatures.

“Another petition, to “repeal Obamacare,” had more than 38,800 votes Friday afternoon.”

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