False church, false doctrine and now an anti Israel "carol service." Does the C of E realise Jesus was Jewish?

Nothing that the druid-led so-called Church of England does surprises me, but God watches and takes note. A main reason why Britain is in such a mess is that spiritually it is leaderless, because of prostitutes in the pulpits. This story shows a typical incident on a day in the life of the latter day Laodiceans at one church, where anti-Israel Jews (imagine!) are holding some kind of sham carol service (praising who, exactly?).
On 8th December there is to be an Alternative Carol Service at St Pauls' Church, Covent Garden (The Actors' Church) organised by Jews for Boycotting Israel.

We are alerting people and asking that they contact the minister to get this stopped. 
The same thing was tried for St James Piccadilly last year, but because of so many complaints received beforehand, it was cancelled. 
The details for St Pauls' Covent Garden are as follows:

The Rev. Simon Griggs
St Pauls' Church
Bedford Street
London WC2E 9ED
Tel: 020 7836 5221
E: info@actorschurch.org


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Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues. (This refers to the coming one world church.)
Revelation 18:4

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