The European Union, Islam and The Antichrist in Bible Prophecy, plus The Middle East in Bible Prophecy – my two talks in Bath today

I’m in Bath today, Saturday, October 15, giving two afternoon talks on how Bible Prophecy is being fulfilled in the news headlines.

The venue is Union Chapel, Church Road, Combe Down. BA2  5JJ.

First I will be looking at The Revived Roman Empire, which will be the springboard for the soon-to-appear Antichrist. I’ll dispel the false idea that he will be Islamic!

My first talk starts at 3.30 and lasts an hour or so, then there will be a tea break when you will have a chance to meet Pat and myself and get copies of some of our books and DVDS.

Then at 6 we look at the current Middle East mayhem and how it leads to the great climax of world history - the return toJerusalem of The Lord Jesus Christ. What, your church never told you the Lord is soon to come back to rule and reign? I am sad but not surprised.

Don’t be one of the largest denomination –The Ignorant Brethren. Come and hear how Bible prophecy - and over a quarter of the entire Bible is prophetic - makes sense of the astounding changes taking place in the world today – changes which will dramatically change the lives of all on earth.









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Genesis 1:1

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