The true legacy of Tony Blair - a man with no shame.

Tony B. Liar, one of the most sleazy, incompetent, anti family, pro pervert and utterly useless leaders of Great Britain in its entire history, is still smarming round the world with his stick-on grin, meddling in the Middle East and earning vast sums of money from various commercial ventures. He should be paid what he deserves: a jail sentence or trial for high treason. ALAN FRANKLIN.


Christina Speight adds:


 The man has no shame.  He lied to drag us into war.  He was accused of getting donations for the Labour party  for honours - though some of it was withdrawn when discovered.  He was implicated in  the death of David Kelly and numerous other items of sleaze and dodgy behaviour.  But still he is feted.  


With MEPs being able to milk their expenses for vast sums and with MPs exploiting their “2nd home” allowances there is little honour left in public life.  What is worse, the people shrug their shoulders and pass by on the other side. 


That’s Britain today, partly created by Tony Blair.  THAT’s his legacy. 




TELEGRAPH  23.2.09

Tony Blair cashing in after launching economic advice firm

Tony Blair is to cash in on his experience as prime minister after establishing a business offering clients political and economic advice.


By Murray Wardrop 


He has set up the commercial partnership, called Tony Blair Associates, after receiving permission from an official government watchdog, which scrutinises paid employment undertaken by former ministers.


The joint enterprise will provide "strategic advice on political and economic trends and governmental reform", according to the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments.


It is thought to be the first time that a former British prime minister has launched a money-spinning venture based entirely around their experience at the helm of government.


The firm is the latest scheme employed by the 55-year-old to cash in on his record as Britain's longest-serving Labour prime minister.


Since leaving office in June 2007, Mr Blair is said to have raked in up to £15 million from a variety of business deals, including a £4.5 million advance for his Downing Street memoirs.


News of Tony Blair Associates was announced through the ACOBA website, which disclosed that the firm was established this month.


The statement reads: "Tony Blair has established Tony Blair Associates which will allow him to provide, in partnership with others, strategic advice on both a commercial and pro-bono basis, on political and economic trends and governmental reform."


It adds that the committee "sees no reason why he should not set up the firm forthwith".


Although Mr Blair's official role as an international peace envoy in the Middle East is unpaid, he earns significant sums of money through a variety of sidelines.


He takes a £2.5million salary as a part-time adviser to the American investment bank JP Morgan Chase and £2million for an advisory role with the Swiss firm Zurich Financial Services.


He is also reported to command six-figure sums on the after-dinner lecture circuit. A Spanish newspaper reported last year that he earned up to £240,000 for making a 90-minute speech to 2,000 entrepreneurs in Barcelona.


Blair also receives a taxpayer-funded pension of £63,468 a year, plus an annual £84,000 allowance to run a private office.


Any money from Tony Blair Associates may not have to be declared publicly. Mike Warburton, a senior tax partner at the accountants Grant Thornton, said that if the venture had been set up as a simple partnership rather than as a limited company, it would not have to make public its income and profit.


THE SUN23.2.09



GORDON BROWN comes under fire for landing us in this economic mess – not least from me. But what about Tony Blair, who gave the Chancellor his head and is now gliding around the world as if he had nothing to do with it?


Amazingly, TB is adding to his fortune with a “commercial partnership”, offering clients tips on economics and politics. After the exposure of mad-eyed fraudster Allen Stanford, who would pay for advice from a man who is economically illiterate and led us into Iraq?



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