Climb aboard the Bible Bus! by Pat Franklin

 Have you discovered Dr  J. Vernon McGee and his 'Bible Bus' yet?  American Christians have known and loved his radio program, Through the Bible, for decades, but here in Britain few seem to have heard of him.  Wow, what a treat they have in store!  You can download five years of his radio programs going right through the entire Bible.  I choose a few out of the Bible’s 66 books, download them on to an MP3 (Walkman) and listen at all sorts of odd times, day or night, sometimes while driving.  What a thrill it is to learn so many exciting things.  The link is

Dr McGee was born in Texas, and has a southern accent, and personally I love a Texas accent – especially when the subject is the Bible!  You get to know him as well as the scriptures, as he sometimes gives glimpses into the forces that have shaped his character. 

He pastored churches in the south, and mainly in California, where his Church of the Open Door still has its door open.  Dr McGee died in 1988, after a long life of serving the Lord.  What a reward he must have up there in Heaven, or 'up yonder' as he would put it !  The radio programs, which he called the Bible Bus, have been translated into other languages and many, many people throughout the world have climbed aboard that bus, heard the gospel, and  turned to Jesus for salvation.

His ministry rolls on, folks!  It is one well worth supporting, if you are looking for somewhere to put some money and lay up some treasure for yourself in heaven. 

Somewhere I heard that the name McGee actually means ‘the king’, and Dr McGee is certainly face to face with the King of kings now.  What a time they must be having up there in Heaven!  And what a place of authority the Lord Jesus will probably assign to Dr. McGee in the Millennial kingdom.  Jesus said some people will get to rule whole cities, so perhaps Dr McGee will get a whole country and really be a king then, one of the ‘small k’ kings carrying out the commands of the King of kings.

Wow, what a time is coming!  Are you ready for it, dear readers?  Are you serving in some capacity now, however humble, so that the Lord can say:  ‘You were faithful in little, and now I will set you over much…’  When we go somewhere, we are always impressed by the people who set out the chairs, and put them away at the end, and the people who make cups of tea, the ones who make sure the toilets are clean - the unsung people who are laying up treasure in Heaven!  And most of all, the people who pray at home and never get any praise or reward now.  Wow, are they going to shine 'up yonder'!

How sad for those who are not doing anything for God now.  Or perhaps you do not know God at all?  There is only one way to know Him, and that is through His Son, Jesus Christ, who said:  ‘I am the way, the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through Me.’ (John’s gospel, chapter 14).

Actually, I remember one program when Dr McGee said that the favourite Bible chapter of most American Christians is chapter 14 of John ‘s gospel.   Yes, there is only one way of salvation, through faith in Christ’s atoning sacrifice at Calvary.  All roads do NOT lead to God.

Only one  road leads to God, the narrow way, and few find it according to the Lord Jesus.  Few!  You can be one of those few!  Today, this very day, you can step out on to that narrow way of faith in Jesus, the only perfect human who ever lived, both God and man combined, who suffered and shed His blood so that you and I could have our sins forgiven and be made fit for Heaven.   There is no other way to get there other than by accepting Jesus as your savior, trusting in His sacrifice of Himself, the Lamb of God, on the cross of Calvary.

Do you want to know God, personally know Him?  Do you want to straighten your life out and get on the road to Heaven?  God has revealed Himself in the pages of the Bible.  He has shown us that we can be assured of eternal  life.  Jesus said:  ‘If you believe in Me, you HAVE eternal life.’ John 6:47.  He gives us His personal guarantee right there.

Dear friend, there are so many proofs that the Bible is true, that it is God’s book, like no other book in this world.  We have given some proofs in these articles and in our books, and there are many  people more learned than we are who provide evidence in abundance that the Bible is absolutely sound and can be completely trusted. 

You can learn the Bible and you can be saved by God’s grace through faith in His Son.  There is no other way and no other name under heaven by which you can be saved. 

You need to read the Bible and start to learn it for yourself.  Listening to Dr McGee’s taped radio programs will help you enormously.  Like our friend Colin Lyne says:  ‘If you listen to a sermon or a teaching and learn even one thing, you know more than you did.  After a year of learning one thing a week, you know a lot.'

I knew absolutely nothing about the Bible when I got saved in 1981 at the age of 36.  Then for many years we were in Word of Faith type churches where we learned very little.  Finally when we left those behind and found good teachers, we began to learn, and now actually we know quite a bit, thanks to wonderful teachers like Dr McGee, Dave Hunt (also with the Lord now), Jacob Prasch, Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Dr David Reagan (lamblion ministries in Texas), Southwest Radio Church (Dr Noah Hutchings) and several others. 

One thing I have found is that all through school and college, learning anything on any subject was pretty much of a drudgery and a drag.  Learning the Bible is not like that!  It is just fascinating, and thrilling, because you are not studying a dead book.  Scripture is living and active, sharper than a two-edged sword.  

The Bible not only tells you how everything came to be,  but it tells you the future too!  Because God is outside time and knows the end from the beginning, He can reveal the future in Bible prophecies, so many of which are still to be fulfilled.  Now that is really exciting, folks. 

Dr McGee's 'Bible Bus’ is right on schedule, and you can get aboard at any stop along the way.  I just got on at the book of Isaiah and am thoroughly enjoying riding his bus and hearing all about Isaiah’s 66 chapters. Then I will go to a New Testament book.

Won’t you climb aboard?  It is free, although not free to the ministry which continues this wonderful work.

And, above all, won’t you get on to that narrow way that leads to heaven?  Here is a prayer:  ‘Lord, I want to be on Your narrow way.  I want to spend eternity with You.  Help me understand enough to be able to put my faith in You, Lord Jesus.’


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Isaiah 5:20.

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