Dad's Army stood strong against Germany - they were made of sterner stuff

‘The defence of this town comes first; we need every able-bodied man.’  The words of tough young Islamics facing ISIS?  No, those were the words of Captain Mainwaring in one episode of the BBC comedy series ‘Dad’s Army’.   Like all great comedy, it has elements of truth in it.

 Britain had its Dad’s Army, the civil defence force made up of butchers, bakers, bank managers etc – ordinary men prepared to fight to the death for their families, towns and their nation.  Britain was expecting an invasion from Germany at any time, and they planned to defend every inch.  If you take a walk in the countryside today, you can still see the pillboxes they built as machine gun emplacements.  So why are the young Islamic men not doing the same for their towns and nations?  Why are so many running to the West instead of making a stand?   

Someone on the radio said:  ‘It’s only natural that they want a better life in the West.’  Oh.  

 No one mentions the fact that their religion of Islam (the word means ‘submission’) involves us submitting to their false god.

But surely we all pray to the same God, like George Bush claimed !  No we do not.  As the Koran states and as is written inside that golden Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem– their  god Allah has no son.  

 They pray to a god who has no son and who condones violence.

 We pray to God the Father, who definitely has a Son, Jesus, our Savior – and He does not condone violence.

 Our religions are incompatible.

 Britain has already allowed in vast numbers of muslims, millions, and they have large numbers of children.  

 Do we hate muslims?  Of course not!  We would like to see them saved and worshipping the true God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ!   What a glorious outcome that would be.  But that is not happening. 

 Capt. Mainwaring was prepared to die to stop a German invasion, but his species seems to be extinct.  We have had a different invasion, with the blessing of our politicians.    

 So what can we do?  We can witness to muslims and tell them about Jesus if they will listen. 

 And we can pray for the Lord Jesus to come quickly!  He promised to come back suddenly and the Bible finishes with that prayer: ‘Maranatha, come, Lord Jesus!’ 

 This is not defeatism – it is reality.  He really is coming, and it will be all of a sudden, in the twinkling of an eye, and we will then be out of here, leaving this world for the heavenly realm, while the earth faces a terrible time of anarchy and judgement.    A careful study of Bible prophecy reveals that this is God’s plan, and He is working to a timetable.

 So, as our friend Dr Dave Reagan so often says:  ‘Look up; be watchful; for our redemption draweth nigh!’




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Now while Paul waited for them at Athens, his spirit was stirred in him, when he saw the city wholly given to idolatry. (Idol - anything or anyone who is prayed to or given the reverence due to God alone. Idolatry - giving excessive honor to a person or thing and ascribing them with godlike power.)
Acts of the Apostles 17:16

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