As The Islamic Caliphate takes shape, few people understand what is going on. They should read Bible prophecy- it tells exactly what is about to happen! By Alan Franklin.

It’s Sunday in Israel, when the nation gets back to work after the Shabbat, the Jewish holy day. Life here in the north, just ten miles from the Lebanese  border, is much like that in any Mediterranean coastal area: this image is deceptive. As I wrote in my article about financial meltdown and military mayhem, you can almost hear the war drums emanating from nations all round this tiny country. The Islamic caliphate is taking shape.  


If politicians really wanted to know what happens next  they only have to read the Bible: the future is set out in great detail, all of it precisely accurate, as all the hundreds of Bible prophecies have always been. I was interested today to read in the Jerusalem Post the following accurate observation: “European countries happily charting the progress of an illusory Arab Spring and the gains of so called “moderate Islamic parties” should take a long, hard look at what is really happening across the Mediterranean.

“The next heads of government in Tunisia and Morocco as well as in Egypt are likely to belong to the Muslim Brotherhood, their respective parties having won in “democratic elections.” In Libya and Algeria Islamist forces are also gaining prominence. The  article is by Zvi Mazel  and is headed: Analysis: An Islamic front in North Africa? Here’s what he has to say about Egypt: “In Egypt, the Brothers have come a long way since the ’50s when most of their leaders were executed and 60,000 of them were imprisoned in labor camps after their unsuccessful attempt to assassinate Gamal Abdel Nasser. Anwar Sadat let them out in the early ’70s because he needed them in his fight against the last followers of Nasser’s nationalist, pan- Arab and socialist policies.

“They in turn pledged no longer to seek power by violent means. They kept their word and devoted their energy to developing a vast network of Islamic preachers and building a political and social infrastructure.
  “Today, 40 years later, their strategy paid off: They are close to achieving their aim of ruling the country through nonviolent means. No one can complain at what appears to be ‘democracy at its best.’  The sinister story carries on in nations like Morocco, Tunisia and so on. There is no stopping the Islamic advance through previously “moderate” Arab states - and until now I never thought I would regard Gaddafi as “moderate”!


The problem is that, unlike Mr. Mazel, who has a clear grasp of what is happening, I have yet to see any western news media which has any notion of the ominous threat it and western armed forces and diplomats have encouraged and helped create.  When Britain, France and America conspired, or bombed to ensure the Arab old guard was removed, did they not comprehend that only the dedicated, organized Islamics were ever likely to take power?  


So the Psalm 83 attack on Israel, mentioned in my last article, could be uncomfortably close. For although Israel will win overwhelmingly, there is no doubt there will be terrible damage and loss of life in this small nation, just eleven miles wide at one point.  I mused on this today, as our little grandchildren played innocently with their friends in a playground in Nahariya, watched by toddlers from the nearby kindergarten.


Does the world neither know nor care about the threat they face? Pat and I are just thankful our family now has a safe room for them to hide in as the missiles start to whistle across from the north- and perhaps from other directions as well.  Israelis, religious or not, live their lives without worrying overmuch: you could scare yourself half to death if you dwelt too much on the threats.


A relative by marriage of ours has lived here for decades and seen many threats come and go. However, we should arm ourselves with the facts in order to dispel the wild misinformation put out by outfits like The Biased Broadcasting Corporation in Britain – an organization so anti-Semitic Hitler would have approved.   We recommend the reporting of The Jerusalem Post as an antidote to the lies and misinformation. Truth, remember, is the first casualty of war.

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