Are you following 'another' Jesus?

Following Another Jesus… This testimony is true. It is the sometimes frightening story of a good friend whom I will call C. for Christian. It also concerns her one time friend whom I will call A.L., for Angel of Light. Those who know the Bible will know that the term ‘angel of light’ is not good – it refers to Satan. According to Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians, Chap 11, verse 14, Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. For certain reasons I cannot use any real names. The story begins with C. deeply involved in spiritualism before she knew the Saviour. Her best friend A.L. was even deeper into the occult. The two friends held séances and attended a spiritualist church in England. Unfortunately there is a spiritualist church leading people astray in just about every town in England. Instead of ministers of the gospel preaching sermons, the spiritualist churches have mediums going into trances and allegedly contacting spirits of the dead, bringing messages to people in the congregation. C. said: ‘The mediums were always bringing messages from someone’s Aunt Matilda or Aunt Mary or someone and saying things like, have you been to Scunthorpe? Everyone else seemed to get messages, but none of the mediums could ever give me messages. When they asked me if I had an Aunt Matilda or someone, I just said “No”. Even then the Lord was protecting me from the occult.’ She and her friend A.L. and others would meet in their houses for ouija board séances, in which an upturned glass would be used to spell out words from the alphabet. Said C.: ‘When A.L. had her finger on the glass, it would whiz round at an incredible speed. When she was out in the kitchen putting the kettle on, it would not move.’ A.L. had a ‘spirit guide’ called Kar Li Ling who supposedly brought her messages from beyond the grave, and A.L. told C. that she also had a spirit guide – an American Indian called White Eagle. C. could never manage to contact this entity, so she decided one day she would force something to happen. ‘I sat in my chair one day all alone and said “I’m not moving from here until you show yourself to me.” To her amazement she saw not White Eagle, but the Lord Jesus. ‘It was just a quick picture in my head of Jesus with a crown of thorns on His head. I just somehow knew that Jesus wanted me. This was so strange, because I never went to church; I never read my Bible. ‘I rang A.L. and said: “I’m trying to see White Eagle and all I see is Jesus.” I was angry.’ About this time, the two friends met a woman I will call A30, because she lived near that road. A30 told them she was Jesus’ daughter and she was to have 12 disciples. She believed that C. and A.L. were the first of the twelve. They were thrilled to be chosen for this ‘honour’. The number of disciples got up to about five before the group fell apart. But while this nonsense was going on, the Lord was steadily drawing C. to a knowledge of the truth. ‘A few weeks later I saw Jesus again, this time standing between two pillars, each hand touching a pillar. He was in a white robe with a belt, and had a shepherd’s crook in His hand. I was not a Christian yet, but I somehow knew then that to be saved I had to go through Jesus. He was between the pillars, blocking the way, and to get through them, I had to go through Him. Later I understood that Jesus is the door, the only way to the Father, and the only way to Heaven.’ ‘I didn’t want Jesus. I fought for about three months. I was at A.L.’s house one morning and a lady was there to do our hair. They were in the bathroom washing hair and I walked to the kitchen sink to put the kettle on. I was thinking of my spirit guide, when I heard an audible voice which said: “I am your Guide.” I knew it was Jesus. ‘A.L.’s husband walked in and said : “Whatever has happened to you; your face is glowing.” I said: “Jesus just told me He is my Guide.” I think that is the moment I became a Christian. ‘In the next few weeks A.L. said that actually, she too was a Christian, and that her spirit guide was God. She always had to do everything better than anyone else. She was a powerful, dominant woman.’ The two friends began attending charismatic churches, where there were various manifestations even more unusual than anything at the spiritualist churches. C. began to meet some Christians who warned her that her friend A.L. was not right, and she should be wary of her. ‘I just wouldn’t take any notice of them,’ said C. ‘A.L. was my friend and I always looked to her.’ The pair went to conferences and gatherings in England which featured powerful speakers, many of whom are still big names on ‘Christian’ television. C. was regularly ‘slain in the spirit’ – falling backwards to the ground when she was prayed for. The two friends also heard the false teaching that bodily healing was the right of every believer and that God would heal anyone who had the faith to believe for a healing. Eventually they met another dominant woman whom I will call P. who sometimes wore a white robe to travel around preaching. ‘One day we were at a meeting and P. was sitting in the row behind me with some of her followers. When I saw them, it was like they were skeletons, the living dead, sitting behind me, horrible. I know now that the Lord allowed me to go through all this and experience these things so that I can warn other Christians.’ They broke off the friendship with P. because A.L. and P. both wanted to be the dominant one. As C. continued reading and studying the Bible and finding out more about her faith, she realised that many of the things she was being told were just plain wrong, and did not stack up with the Bible’s teaching. For example, she told one pastor that the practice of people being ‘slain in the spirit’ was wrong, because Jesus’ friends always fell forward in worship when they fell, and even then they were immediately told to get up again. Only His enemies at Gethsemane fell backwards. She learned that the practice was in fact hypnosis, and that the people falling were victims of hypnosis, falling into an altered state of consciousness. The young pastor would not accept what she said. After that C. would never allow anyone to touch her if they prayed for her, and was extremely careful about allowing people to pray for her at all, unless she knew them to be Christians who were not deceived by false teachings. ‘Some time later, three of us were praying for God to show us the truth about A.L. We prayed for about an hour and one of them suddenly said: “2 Corinthians.” The next lady said “Chapter 11” and I said: “Verse 14”. None of us knew what that verse said, so we looked it up. 2 Cor 11:14 says: “And no marvel, for even Satan fashions himself into an angel of light.” The other two ladies believed it. They knew the Lord was warning us that A.L. was not a true Christian, but I just refused to believe it of her. I thought she had to be a Christian, because she was always studying the Bible. Her Bible was more used, worn and marked with study notes than anyone I ever knew. She had notes on every page!’ C. received more warnings not to be involved with A.L., but still she took no notice. ‘I thought she was the best friend I ever had,’ said C. ‘I couldn’t bear the thought of losing her as a friend. I was stupid and gullible. It is so easy to be conned! Satan really does come as an angel of light. He plays on friendships and things like that.’ C. used to go to A.L.’s house to watch religious videos and A.L. would talk about them. ‘Then one day I confronted her about something - she had a melanoma on her leg, but refused to see a doctor. She believed the Lord would heal her by faith. It got worse and worse. C. told her she must get medical help, but A.L. was so angry at this that she threw C. out of the house and broke off their friendship. ‘We had been friends for years; I can’t tell you the pain this caused me.’ And how did A.L. finish up? The end of the story is always the most important part. A.L. had a horrible death. After two years had gone by, someone rang to say that A.L. was dying and C. should go to visit her. C. went to the house, which was filled with a dreadful stench. ‘I had not seen her for years and it was just horrible. I have never smelled anything like it. I have been in the presence of death and I know it smells terrible, but I never smelled anything as bad as A.L.’s house that day. She was like a skeleton in the bed, but A.L. still believed she would be healed. The next day I went again and asked her if she had anything to repent of. She told me no, everything she had done had been what God wanted her to do. She was convinced she was going to heaven. The following day she died.’ ‘I walked out of her house and said to myself: “That is not my Jesus. She has been praying to ANOTHER Jesus. It was so terrifying. I know the moment someone dies, that is it. There are no more chances to repent.” So great was the controlling power of A.L. that her family left her body in her house on her deathbed for three days before her body was removed. C. is very concerned that A.L. may now be in hell. ‘The false teachers we followed say that they believe in Jesus, like the Catholics say they follow Jesus, but they are all believing in ANOTHER Jesus, and that counterfeit Jesus will not save them. The false teachers even trick people by saying Jesus is Lord, but the Jesus they refer to is a counterfeit Jesus, not the true Jesus of the Bible.’ Said C.: ‘I have seen the power of Satan and you don’t play with Him. He is real.’ A.L. was not the only friend C. had who was following another Jesus. Another friend was a fervent Calvinist. ‘We used to pray together, and had many discussions about Calvinism. For years I tried to get through to her, but she would not accept anything I said. She firmly believed that only certain people like herself were to be saved and that everyone else was destined by God for hell, and there was nothing they could do to change their horrible destiny. This was not the God I knew, the Father of Jesus, the God of mercy who does not want ANY to perish, but gives all a chance to be saved by putting their trust in His Son Jesus. The Calvinist god had cruelly created people especially to send them to hell and there was nothing they could do about it! ‘We argued for years and one day my Calvinist friend said that if she had to take the mark of the beast (Rev 13), she would not be afraid to take it, because she was one of the elect, so she would be safe. The Bible says that anyone who takes the mark is condemned! I told her she was trusting in ANOTHER Jesus, not the true Jesus of the Bible. ‘Now if I go to any church, I ask the pastor, and the people, what they believe. At one church thought to be a good one, I was told by the leader that we are in the 1000 year Millennium reign of Christ (Rev 20). He thought the 1000 years, repeated six times in Rev 20, just meant “a long time”. He just doesn’t understand the Bible, that there will be a literal 1000 years in which Christ will rule this earth with a rod of iron. ‘Many churches now believe that Christians are ‘the new Israel’, that God is finished with the nation of Israel and the Jewish people, and that the Christian church has replaced Israel. This is known as ‘replacement theology’ and is another lie of Satan. In the Book of Revelation 3:9 Jesus warns about people who claim to be Jews and are not! He says they lie! He warns that He will make them of the ‘synogogue of Satan’! Beware of believing a lie - that we are the new Israel and have replaced God’s ancient people. God has made everlasting covenants with the physical descendents of Abraham, and He will fulfil every promise.’ And what about you, dear reader? Do you know the Saviour, the true Saviour, the true Jesus? Or are you following some demon in a spiritualist church? Or perhaps you are following ANOTHER Jesus, a counterfeit, an angel of light, in a false ‘Christian’ church? The angel of light will deceive you to your dying day, and then laugh as you descend into hell’s flames. There is ANOTHER Jesus, ANOTHER gospel, and ANOTHER spirit which the apostle Paul warns of in 2 Corinthians 11:4: ‘For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.’ Paul is criticising these people, who were uncritically accepting false teachers. We have to be discerning, especially since the Lord Jesus warned of deception in the end times. The deceivers are here. The true Jesus said: ‘Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.’ (Gospel of John 3:3) And: ‘Verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.’ (John 3:5) ‘Water’ here refers to the Word of God, the Bible, which we must believe to be saved. The Word is like water washing us clean. If you have never been born again of the Holy Spirit, you are not trusting the true Jesus; you are not saved. You are following ANOTHER Jesus, believing ANOTHER gospel, receiving ANOTHER spirit. You may be trusting in your church membership, or the fact that you were christened as a baby, or that you have done what you think are good works. None of these will save anyone. Only faith in Jesus Christ and His shed blood on the cross of Calvary will save you from hell. Put your trust in Him today and ask the true Jesus to forgive your sins. My advice to every reader is: read the Bible for yourself. Dig in and find the truth for yourself. Ask the Lord to help you understand and to find Christian fellowship and to save you from false friends like A.L. The Bible is our lighthouse in this dark world. The Lord will help you. He loves you. One last word from C. ‘We are living in the last days. I know that. We are not taking the Bible seriously enough. It is so late. There is so little time left. I try to keep short accounts and live every day as if Jesus might return that day. I try to keep everything in my life in good order so that if the Lord comes back, there is nothing left behind for others to sort out. Unfortunately, the churches are so bad now that hardly any of them preach the truth. People have got to wake up and get ready to meet the Lord Jesus. I hope that anyone reading this will learn from my stupid mistakes and have the courage to obey what the Lord is telling them, regardless of the cost. In the end we face the judgement seat of Christ on our own.’


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