EU Constitution plan rising from the dead - comment by Derek Bennett, Editor of Euro Realist.

The French and the Dutch thought they had killed it, the British were told it was dead and buried, but the German President, Angela Merkel, in true EU leadership fashion, has ignored the will of the people and is trying to raise it from the dead. The EU constitution under the German EU presidency is back on the agenda. Declaring ‘the period of reflection is over’, she announced that she wanted the EU constitution in place before the elections to the European Parliament in 2009. Her intention is to save as much of the draft text as possible, she also intends to consult every member state regarding any reservations they may have regarding the constitution. Geoff Hoon, the British Euro Minister,( known when he ran Britain’s defences as “Buff” Hoon, as he was so inept) has taken up the pro-EU cudgels with great enthusiasm and stated that Gordon Brown (presuming he will be the next Prime Minister) may be able to avoid the risk of losing a referendum and said there was no constitutional requirement for Britain to hold a referendum on “detailed processes” of the EU. “Buff” Hoon, who obviously gives little consideration to the opinions of the people he was elected to represent, was forced to admit that the Government has signed up to new EU laws, even though they may be illegal under European treaties. Angela Merkel has vowed “I am going to do everything I can as presidency holder to set the constitutional process in motion again.” She intends to put forward a plan at the World Economic Forum in Davos next June. Tony Blair, who will still be the Prime Minister, will be faced with approving this plan which will be handed to his successor as a poisoned chalice. It has been reported that Gordon Brown’s allies are not happy that Tony Blair could tie the Chancellor’s hands on the prospect of the EU constitution. Downing Street has refused to promise a referendum on the constitution; it could be left to Parliament to decide. Like the return of the zombie, the EU constitution has risen from the dead.


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Matthew 7:15,16

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