The coming money crash, world government and the Mark of The Beast. How Bible prophecy is coming true before the world’s unseeing eyes. By Alan Franklin.

The coming money crash, world government and the Mark of The Beast. How Bible prophecy is coming true before the world’s unseeing eyes. By Alan Franklin.

The world is rushing towards a one-world currency and one world government. The Mark of The Beast, 666, and a world dictatorship are surely just a year or two away (Revelation 13:16;18) - I can almost hear the approaching footsteps of Antichrist. Fortunately, true Christians will be taken out of the world in the rapture before he takes power, but I suspect he is in the wings right now, waiting for his call. It could come soon. The world is broke, hopeless, leaderless and frightened. Just watch and wait for the clamor for a strong man…..

The last time a powerful nation printed money and its people became desperate with their piles of worthless banknotes, the world got Adolf Hitler. He was a mere shadow of the man to come, a type of Antichrist, as were a succession of evil tyrants from Antiochus Epiphanes onwards. When Pat and I wrote our book Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain (available from our webshop at we saw clearly what was happening, as we were forewarned by Bible prophecy.

If you read Matthew 24, for example, you will see that conditions today are exactly what was predicted for the earth immediately prior to the Second Advent of the Lord Jesus Christ. The world needs a savior but it’s running out of time. The Lord returns at midnight- and it’s 11.59. Churches need to wake up: as our friend Dave Reagan says, at such a time the church should be yearning for the Lord’s return. Instead, it is mostly yawning.

Pat and I have a strong sense that major events are just over the horizon: the world will not be able to turn the dial back to “normal.” We will travel and I will speak to any church that invites us, in America or Britain, if it is possible. Time is so short, friends, I have never felt such urgency. I have lots of material in Powerpoint presentations, amassed over many years by both of us as writers and editors. Now is the time to see it, as soon darkness will fall when no teaching like this will be possible and this website and those linked to us will be closed down overnight. Download our articles NOW! Get our books now if you can. They are packed with information you won’t find in many other places, unfortunately, as major denominations prattle on about ordaining “gays” and “preaching”  the green agenda. The Big Green Lie Machine, as I call it, is just one of the devices being used by those promoting a one-world government from within their towers of power. Any old nonsense will do, whether it’s the ridiculous idea that carbon is somehow harmful (it’s what plants eat, remember?) to the lie that rising sea levels will engulf whole island nations. Utter rubbish, as we have said many times on our website.

Just key the words into our search engine to find out some true facts. For example, contrary to green propaganda, polar bears are not only not in danger of extinction, they are having a population explosion, something we got from a Canadian news report recently. While this scare is false and the world is NOT getting hotter, it will one day, but that will be nothing to do with driving 4 X4 s. For the Bible tells us in many prophecies that we face wars, famine and the death of the major part of the world’s population.

The four horsemen of the apocalypse are soon riding out and there will be famine, earthquakes and many other calamities. A chart of the rising rate of earthquakes - the birth pangs of the earth as it awaits the Second Advent - is on our website. The world’s last great crisis, the culmination of man’s misrule of the world, lies just ahead. World crisis, real or fabricated, needs a one-world response, or so we are increasingly told.

The financial crisis is real enough and everything from cities to states to nations are bankrupt: broke, bust, caput. The game is over, despite whistlers-in-the-wind prattling on television about the “recovery.” Folks, there will be no recovery. Since 2006 I have been predicting The Greater Depression. I would love to be wrong, but I am not. We published a business newspaper for 16 years and I can read balance sheets. The world has an inbalance sheet…..

I start every day by taping an hour or two of CNBC and other business news channels, then watch them at high speed over breakfast. These days the talk is all of the “sovereign debt crisis.” Arrays of “experts” opine on the status of near bankrupt nations, not just Greece and Ireland but Spain, Italy and others. Britain and America, for example!

It’s said that soon a major American city will declare to the world that it is broke. What do you think that will do to the USA’s credit ratings, already cited for a downgrade? And in turn, what do you think that will do to interest rates? Then, what do you think rocketing rates and hyper-inflation will do to an already feeble economy? Oh dear: recovery? Buy gold is my advice. The Dollar, the Euro and all other paper currencies are fast being debased. Once people cease to believe they are worth anything, then they become worthless. In Zimbabwe they have 50 billion Dollar bills. They blow, uncollected, around rubbish dumps.

Even secular organizations like AOL can sense the approaching end game. Here’s one of their recent headlines and the opening paragraphs of a story on their Daily Finance website: “Is the World Ready for a New Reserve Currency? Meet the Mondo

“As the G-20 meets to discuss the world's economic problems -- with many of its members unhappy about the Federal Reserve's efforts to stimulate the U.S. economy by boosting its money supply (aka printing money – AF) -- ideas are floating around about new monetary systems. For a host of reasons, leaders of other countries would love to free their economies from the stranglehold of the U.S. dollar's influence.

“World Bank President Robert Zoellick recently called for the world to
index its currencies to gold. In his proposed system, major currencies in the world such as the dollar, the euro, the yen, the pound and the yuan would move towards adopting a modified gold standard. The precious metal would be used as a reference point that would guide currency movements based on market expectations of inflation, deflation and future currency values.”

Writer Peter Cohan goes on to promote the one-world currency, something Russian President  Dmitry Medvedev is keen on. I have a picture of Medvedev at a G8 summit press conference, holding up the prototype of the one-world coin. On it are the words: “United Future World Currency.” The coin- and the die- have been cast. Here’s what Cohan writes: “The gold standard aside, I'd like to see the world adopt a new reserve currency to supplant the dollar: Call it the Mondo (from the Italian word for world). This new currency would be based on each country's contribution to global GDP. Thus, the more important a country's economy, the bigger that country's influence on the Mondo's value.

“In concept, it's fairly simple. The world's GDP is $61 trillion, according to the World Bank, and the Mondo would be based on a weighted basket of securities from each country in proportion to their share of global GDP. The beauty of the Mondo is that it would allow the world's economy to turn on the basis of changes in the policies of individual national economies in proportion to their real contribution in the global marketplace.”

So, with the crash of fiat currencies –backed by nothing but a promise - fast approaching, gold will soon be the last man standing, as it has been for centuries. Safeguarding some savings by buying some gold if you can (and you can do so with a few hundred Dollars) is one of my practical suggestions, together with getting hold of some seeds and learning how to grow vegetables. (Live in an apartment? Then make friends with an old person with a big plot of land round their home). But the reality is, as we state again and again in our books, that the world’s main problem is spiritual. Society’s malaise starts with the churches, where something rotten lurks in the pulpits and power centers. Any nation’s decline starts with decadence, false religion and rot from within, something you can see over and over again. Britain and America are truly decaying from within, perfectly illustrated in one of my talks with a picture of a twisted steeple on an Anglican church. They’ve twisted scripture all right- or all wrong!

Is there hope? Fortunately for Christians, we have The Blessed Hope, our Lord Jesus Christ, who will soon be ruling and reigning from Jerusalem for a 1000 years- the true meaning of the word Millennium. If we’re not right with Him then you have little time to decide whether you are for light or darkness. Attending “church” doesn’t cut it. Real Christians ARE the church – it’s not a building. You need to commit your life to the Lord while there is still time.

Our old friend, the late end times preacher Barry Smith from New Zealand, who taught us so much, told this true story. He gave one of his wonderful talks, then made an altar call. A lady stepped forward to accept Jesus into her life. Half an hour later, on her drive back home, she was killed in a car crash. She left it late, but she made it. Don’t leave it too late, friends. It’s later than you think.


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