Nine pairs of turtles turned into fossils - while mating! Yet more evidence of Noah's Flood

Thanks to CMI, Creation Ministries International, for their brilliant story of the turtles turned into stone while mating.

The discovery of nine pairs of mating turtles which were turned into stone in the very act of copulating is another great piece of evidence that Noah's Flood really happened, just as the Bible says. 

The turtles, and thousands of other fossil finds, are from the Messel Pit site in Germany and are said to be very well preserved.  The fossils, although evolutionists would say they are millions of years old, are just like turtles alive today - so there has been no evolution. 

Turtles are still turtles!  And the 18 unlucky ones dug out of the German pit are among the billions of living creatures which died in the Flood and were rapidly buried in sediment, fossilized in a very short time, as the mating activity proves. 

They are not millions of years old, but 4,500 years old, just as Scripture shows.  Don't forget - Jesus spoke of creation, the Flood of Noah, Jonah swallowed by a big fish, etc - as history, true, literal history.  And who should know if not Him?  For when He spoke, the wind and waves obeyed Him, for He was the Creator.  Everything was made by Him and belongs to Him, and He gave us the Bible to reveal the truth to all of us. 

We are so thankful to CMI for all the information, and we love their Creation magazine, which should be in every home and school and library.  Every issue is full of articles by men of science who accept the Bible account of six day creation and Noah's Flood.  They carefully examine the  evidence and find that it all just confirms the Bible account perfectly.  There is a mountain of evidence!  But evolutionists will do triple backward somersaults in their attempts to refute facts which prove the Bible correct. 

Here is the link to David Catchpole's eye opening article on the turtles

While you're at it, have a look at Carl Weiland's article on blood and soft tissue found in fossils  including in dinosaurs!  And the evolutionists still hold to their 65 million year claims!

Must be time to subscribe to Creation !  In our opinion it is the best science magazine in the world.  And if you are a whiz at science, get their technical version, Journal of Creation.


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