Israel will soon have to use its nuclear Samson option, when its Islamic neighbors join to destroy it. Watch Bible prophecy being fulfilled before your eyes!

If you are watching the turmoil in an arc of Islamic nations, even including unrest in Saudi Arabia, home to Mecca, you will realize that prophecy is being fulfilled.  As I have previously posted (call up my  articles via our search engine), the joining together of nations around Israel will happen soon. This will soon be followed by their attack on the tiny Jewish state – the only democracy in the Middle East. Because Israel will be so outnumbered and because its land mass is so small it will retaliate with nuclear weapons, of which it has hundreds. This article, reprinted from The Jerusalem Connection, is timely. AF




If, while watching the disturbing events in the Middle East, you are not focusing your attention on Israel – then you are looking in the wrong place. Once, a very long time ago, I heard someone refer to Israel as the “world’s canary in the coal mine.”  That is as apt a description of modern Israel as I have ever heard. As I watch events in the Muslim countries surrounding Israel deteriorate it looks, for all the world, as if we are racing toward Armageddon.

The great armies, just now dipping their toes into the deepening unrest in that region, are unaware that they are playing out a story line written thousands of years ago. Those of us who have read that storyline know how the story ends and, too, we are aware of the events leading up to the true “Mother of all Battles.” For the first time in its history, America is on the wrong side. (AF: Actually, for decades America has had many presidents who let Israel down at crucial moments. It didn't start with the Obamanation.) 

Our President with his loyalty to the world and not to the country that trusted him with the sacred duty to be leader of America and Commander-in-Chief of the mightiest military force in all of history has gone over to the “Dark Side.” (AF: He hasn't "gone over" - he was always on the "dark side""!)

He has turned his back on the one nation, which occupies the most important piece of real estate on the globe. He has made it clear he favors the countries, which consider themselves Israel’s most ardent enemies. Israel knows they, now, stand alone. Just this past weekend, Israel deployed their homegrown antimissile defense system “Iron Dome.”

Another anti-missile defense system, a shorter-range system as we understand it, is in the pipeline and scheduled for deployment soon. Israel is getting ready for the coming conflagration when all the Muslim anger, boiling in the crucible of that region, boils over and pours onto their tiny country. Without America standing with Israel, Israel stands a better than 50-50 chance of being overrun and wiped out as a country.(AF: God has different ideas, of course!) The Israelis have planned for that. The plan is referred to as: “The Samson Option.” 

The “Samson Option” is Israel’s strategy of massive nuclear retaliation against “enemies” should its existence as a Jewish state be jeopardized through military attack. The term was inspired by the Biblical figure Samson, who destroyed a Philistine temple, killing himself, and thousands of Philistine enemies. The Samson option is a strategy of last resort retaliation – even if it means Israel ’s own annihilation.(AF notes: The Bible tells me this will never happen!)


It has been estimated by so-called experts that Israel has at least 400 thermo-nuclear weapons. (AF notes: I believe the true figure is nearer half that.) They can be launched from land, sea, and air. This means that Israel has a second strike option — even if much of the country is destroyed. Nuclear weapons were viewed by Israel as the ultimate insurer of Israel ’s continued existence. Israel decided, as early as the 1960’s, to build-up its military and achieve absolute conventional military superiority over its enemies, and not place its reliance on nuclear weapons. Israel did this in the hope that they would never have to call on their thermo-nuclear weapons stockpile to rescue their country. 


Clearly the danger to Israel’s continued existace has escalated until today Israel finds itself an island of sanity in a sea of madness. We have warned of Israel ’s “Samson Option” many times before. Like their ancient ancestors on Masada, Israel, it would seem, is prepared to sacrifice itself rather than be driven into slavery — or extinction — by the enemy hordes that surround it. Sadly, the only country that can prevent those Middle Eastern madmen from breaching the walls of Israel is the United States.  But the US is leaderless, at least until 2013, and the man who currently occupies the office of President of the United States has shown no favor towards Israel or its plight. 


Today, the entire world is threatened. The Damocles Sword of Islamic terrorism hangs precariously over our heads. Here in America the lives of every man, woman and child have changed since September 11, 2001. And yet, compared to the threat Israelis live under every day Americans live in perfect security and safety. The canary in the coal mine is telling us the threat is real and it is lethal.

The actions of Israel should be the warning the world heeds. But, sadly, it will not be taken seriously until it is too late. America should be shoring up its relationship with Israel and making it clear to all who threaten that tiny country that Israel’s big brother is back by her side. But that won’t happen until the electorate of America decides to send Obama into retirement where he can play golf and basketball to his heart’s content and leave the job of leading the free world to someone who actually knows how. 


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