More successs in fighting tyranical Covid stupidity

We have seen Plan B and restrictions come to an end in England and  Sajid Javid has announced a u-turn on the Vaccine Mandate.


He used language that was offensive in terms of finger pointing and worryingly said that 'if new circumstances arise' this could be reviewed. However, let's be very clear that the government has backed down from the vaccine mandate due to the enormous campaigning pressure dedicated to this issue. 


Actively campaigning, mobilising locally, contacting MPs, NHS Trusts, Unions and all the other work we have all done has landed on target. This, mixed alongside the video campaigns of brave NHS workers speaking out since late December and subsequent media coverage has changed the landscape.


Together was committed to breaking out of the echo chamber. We understood that mainstream coverage and wider public debate was essential to win this and we succeeded in our mission.

With many people working tirelessly, a dedicated social media team, local campaigning, a press team, organised events, protests and Calls To Action, it shows we can win when we stick together and stand firm together.


There are still several issues that need to be addressed. Vaccine Passports remain in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland along with mass-testing healthy people. Children are still being used as adult shields and are needlessly missing school and face-to-face learning needs reinstating for University students.


The Public Health Act, which was used to impose lockdowns, needs to be amended so that proper scrutiny can occur with open parliamentary debate that properly weighs up the costs and benefits of any public health policy that is implemented. Emergency Powers need to go permanently throughout the whole of the UK. The Human Rights Act / Bill of Rights remains a huge area of concern. 


We want to give huge gratitude and recognition to all of the campaign groups and leaders and particularly the NHS Staff who held the line. We need to harness our collective energy, skills and campaigning to insist we get our old Normal back on a permanent basis, without looming threats of further restrictions or mandates. 

We also need to ensure that there is a full public inquiry on the impacts of policy decisions, lockdowns and restrictions. We will demand this. More on this soon.


For now, let's take a moment to celebrate a significant victory! The world has been watching our work and we have been talking to groups internationally.

The inspiring Canadian Truckers have captured hearts and minds with similar initiatives in Australia and now Europe are emerging. This weekend in Scotland truckers will go on a convoy and then come to the midlands and down to London. We will be supporting them as well as supporting upcoming protests that keep the remaining issues firmly in sight.


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The U Turn by @sajidjavid on Mandatory Vaccination is a victory. 

We still need an end to Vaccine Passports in Wales, Scotland & NI as well as ending Mass Testing, & using kids as adult shields. The Public Health Act needs amending & an end all Emergency Powers @Togetherdec


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We are stronger #Together! 


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Isaiah 5:20.

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