As crime in Britain soars, a lunatic policeman in Hampshire demeans his uniform by stalking a young mother who told off her children!

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The Lord Stoddart of Swindon
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 Politically Correct Police Were ‘Stalking’ Young Mother 

The Reading based independent Labour peer, Lord Stoddart of Swindon has fired a broadside at the Hampshire Police, following the revelations about a young mother followed home by an off duty police officer, who reported her for telling her own children off in public and suggesting they might receive a smack, if their disruptive behaviour in a supermarket did not improve.  The officer followed her home and subsequently reported her to the local council.


Lord Stoddart said:  “I am astounded by the behaviour of the police in this matter.  Even the Stasi in East Germany only used to spy on people’s political beliefs and statements, not on family life.  Now we have a form of Stasi in this country, in the shape of off duty police officers, who think it is their duty to spy on harassed mothers trying to control their children in supermarkets.  I am particularly appalled at the revelation that this officer chose to follow her home.  It is just as well that the poor lady did not realise she was being followed, as discovering that she had a stalker would have been terrifying for her.


“That it seems to be policy at Hampshire Police for male officers to spy on women and follow them home is cause for serious concern in itself.  It is almost equally disturbing that Southampton Council, not only condoned this policy but chose to act upon information provided in such a such dubious manner by writing to the lady.  It is not an offence to smack your children in this country and it is most certainly not an offence to threaten to smack them, so what on earth the Police and the Council are doing getting involved remains a mystery.  Neither of these bodies is there to enforce political correctness in family life or to spy on mothers in supermarkets.  The surveillance culture in this country is rapidly getting out of control.”





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