Bill Cash wants British jobs for British workers

ALAN FRANKLIN COMMENTS: Now they are losing their jobs, it is gradually dawning on the British that the vast flood of foreigners into Britain is costing many of them their jobs. When this makes you unemployed it concentrates the mind and - belatedly -some British workers are marching in protest. Under EU law we have an open door to EU workers, but one Conservative MP, Bill Cash, says we can take action to help British workers.
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Bill Cash wants British jobs for British workers

Stone MP BIll Cash is presenting a bill today. It is a:

"Bill to provide that, notwithstanding the European Communities Act 1972, workers or members of a trade union who are UK nationals shall have rights of employment in the United Kingdom equal to or as favourable as those afforded to foreign nationals or conferred by the United Kingdom Parliament."

Mr Cash comments:
“This reference to the United Kingdom Parliament is absolutely crucial because it is essential that legislation is passed by this Government overriding the rulings of the European Court of Justice in accordance with the formula in this Bill, notwithstanding the European Communities Act 1972.

The posted workers directive which is at the root of the wave of strikes across the country was adopted on 16th December 1996, under John Major’s Government, when Ken Clarke was Chancellor of Exchequer. European Court of Justice rulings cannot be changed except by the agreement of all the 27 Member States and in any case, the negotiations will take years.

However, contrary to statements made by BBC correspondents, the problem can be solved by passing legislation at Westminster as John Monks, former head of a British trade union and general secretary of the European Trade Union Confederation stated this morning on the Today programme, effectively endorsing the Bill which was tabled last night.

David Cameron, on becoming leader, in a modern progressive and principled statement, said in his speech to the Centre for Policy Studies in November 2005: ‘For Britain, the first priority must be the return of powers over employment and social regulation. This would be the strategic imperative of my European policy.'

The Bill is supported by former Secretaries of State and members of the Cabinet, including Peter Lilley, John Redwood, David Heathcoat-Amory and Michael Ancram and many other former ministers as well as MPs.

It is clear and fair that UK nationals should have equal rights to everyone else, they should have rights on par with those of foreign nationals and also rights which are presented them to by their own sovereign Parliament. That is why I am presenting this Bill. We need British jobs and British laws for British workers.”

As might be expected from such a source this is a neat and totally legal [in EU terms, that is!] attempt to resolve the present shameful  episode up in Lincolnshire.  It does not take away any EU-given rights from foreigners but ensures that these rights are enforced equally for the benefit of British citizens.  

The formula used in the first sentence is crucial to the Bill.

I don’t suppose for a moment that anybody involved will take a blind bit of notice. and certainly not Mandelson, hiding up there in the Lords where he can’t be got at.  I fear the Tories will not notice it and will not back it.  Hague today has a new wheeze for the Tories - ‘Expand the Commonwealth’ .  Eh?  The whole idea grew from a group of nations - most ex-colonies - who are used to the British legal system abnd who have many ties - often family ones -  to this country.  Diluting it would wreck it!  

What I say next is an observation that Mandelson ought to consider.  He recommends that the unemployed should seek employment on the Continent.  But those who have lost their jobs have homes and families here in Britain and it is here in  Britain where they should have first call on any jobs going.  Mandelson (a homosexual) has no family and changes homes to suit only himself.  There is a diifference. 

Christina Speight


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