Here's the world most important story: the future history of the Middle East, as prophesied. I am speaking about it in Wales on Saturday

The Middle East stewpot is simmering, Islamic terrorists are striking throughout the world,Russia looks more threatening than since Cold War days and Greece’s pending bankruptcy could set off a devastating worldwide chain-reaction.

Thanks for cheering me up, Alan, I hear you say! Well, I DO have some good news. It’s in the Bible, especially in that neglected but vital quarter to a third of all scripture that is prophetic. The way world events are shaping up, the breakdown of society – all were prophesied with precise accuracy. It’s the best but least known mega news story in the world! I am talking about it in Newport, Wales, this Saturday,  May 16, at TURF, Oak House, 6a Risca Road, Cross Keys, Newport, NP11 7DG –starting at 11 am and doing morning and afternoon Powerpoint presentations.

I will speak for around one and a quarter hours in the first session, titled The Middle East in Bible Prophecy, and then we will break for lunch. This is a big subject with lots of breaking news so I may then continue on the theme after lunch.

My second talk- or the second part of my first talk! – begins at around 1.30 and we aim to finish by about 3.30. I hope to include some vital facts on Cults and Isms in the afternoon, in a separate presentation, as time permits.

I used the word “vital” as it is imperative that believers know how to distinguish the true faith from the false faiths and cults in these times of great deception. We find everywhere we go that Christians are in the main unaware of what cults and isms - including everything from Catholicism to Freemasonry - believe and how it contradicts the Bible. My joke is that “The Ignorant Brethren” make up the largest denomination…..

Readers need NOT remain in ignorance, however. Pat and I have written a handy guide to the belief systems of the main false faiths and cults that Christians are likely to come across. They include pseudo Christian cults like Seventh Day Adventism, for example. The facts are set out in easy-to-read format in our book Cults and Isms: True or False? This is available from our web shop on this site and we ship out boxes of 48 books to churches inBritain for just £150, including door to door shipping. For American orders the charge is $250 and we accept Dollar andUK checks/cheques if you contact me at




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Blessed and holy is the one who has a part in the first resurrection; over these the second death has no power, but they will be priests of God and of Christ and will reign with Him for a thousand years. (One thousand years means one thousand years, the Millennial reign on earth of the Lord Jesus Christ.)
Revelation 20:6

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