If only people would read the Bible! Here is just one page which would open the eyes of Mormons and a billion Catholics!

If only people would read the Bible!  They will do just about anything else, but that is out of the question.  It has all the answers, folks!  For example - reading one single page would open the eyes of Catholics and Mormons to the false nature of their religions.  Just one page, just a few moments to read it would tell them right there that they were in a false religion and had to get out and start following the true Jesus and find a true church.

What page is that?  I found it just by opening at random this morning.  I had been listening in England to a religious program on BBC radio (which I do NOT recommend) with various people discussing the rather nasty problems of the Catholic church in Scotland.  But no one mentioned the real problem or turned to the real solution. 

The words ‘Jesus’, ‘Bible’, and ‘truth’ were not uttered.  I turned the radio off and picked up a Bible, which opened to page 921.  On this page was the end of Matthew chapter 22 and the start of Matthew 23. 

The words of the Lord Jesus on that page destroy the Mormon religion, because in Matthew 22:29, 30 Jesus said: ‘…you do not know the Scriptures.  At the resurrection people will not marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven.’

Mormons teach that men will become gods, with their own wife and their own planet, which the couple will then populate.  Wrong!  No marriage in heaven!  Your religion has lied to you!  Get out while there is still time!

Same page, on to Matthew chapter 23, where the Lord Jesus excoriates the religious leaders of the Jews.  His words also sweep away the whole rotten edifice of the Catholic church, starting at verse 8:  ‘But you are not to be called “Rabbi”, for you are all brothers.  And do not call anyone on earth “father” for you have one Father, and he is in heaven…’

In other words – no Pope, no cardinals, no archbishops, no priests, no 'Father So and So'.  Instead - a family, the Body of Christ on earth - all brothers.  And verse 11 says the greatest of these will be the humblest, those who are truly lowly, those who really serve.  NOT those who live in fine houses like the Catholic bishops or a palace like the Pope.

Just one page of God’s holy word would open the eyes of over a billion people who are deluded by two of the world’s false religions.

The hardest thing in this world is to get people to read the Bible.  Satan’s greatest success has been to sideline the Bible.

Even CHRISTIANS do not read the Bible!  Have you picked it up today?  It is God’s holy Word, folks! 

‘But I can’t understand it’ some people say.  You need good teachers, people who can explain it as God unfolds the wondrous truths, from Day One of creation in Genesis to the miraculous events of the end times in the Book of Revelation. 

Who are the good teachers?  Adrian Rogers and Vernon McGee are both excellent.  Their ‘through the Bible’ teachings are available on the web.  Dr. McGee’s can be downloaded free.  I like to put a whole load of them on a tiny MP3 player (Walkman) which I can take anywhere and listen to. At the moment I have his teachings on Ephesians, and may I say (one of his expressions!) that I love them and I love him and am so grateful for his ministry.  I also listen to Chuck Smith, although not on creation because he tinkers with the ‘gap theory’.  Chuck’s ‘through the Bible’ series is also free to download, and I love listening to him teaching his way through the entire Bible.  David Jeremiah is another good teacher.  Also, don't forget our great Jewish teachers, Arnold Fruchtenbaum and Jacob Prasch, who really give you another dimension of understanding.  A good friend and wise person advises getting the commentaries of Adrian Rogers and David Jeremiah, but I have not succeeded in doing that yet (mainly because I can never manage to buy anything online - something always blocks me, so I only buy if there is a phone number to call). 

Dr. McGee calls his series the ‘Bible bus’ and you can climb aboard it anywhere, any time.  Just start listening.  If you have ears to hear, believe me – you will hear from God!  Dr McGee will open God’s word and it will reach into your heart and mind if you have not completely shut your heart to the Lord.  Go to www.ttb.org The ttb stands for ‘Through the Bible’.  Climb aboard Dr McGee’s Bible bus and very soon you will find that you actually can understand the Bible.  It makes perfect sense.  You will wonder why you ever found it difficult!  I love being on the Bible bus.  Thank you, Lord, for Dr McGee, who is now with You!

There is more on the errors of the Catholic Church in our Tables of Truth, Catholic Church versus the Bible, which you can click on on our home page, left hand column.  It is actually a chapter from our book 'Cults and Isms:  True or False?'  There is also a chapter on the Mormon religion versus the Bible, and much else. 

We have tried to make these facts as brief and simple as we could in our book, so that people can see almost at a glance what is wrong with various false religions.  We  refer to it ourselves sometimes, as I did recently when we encountered a dear man who has got into the Jehovah's Witnesses.  I remembered some facts, but who can keep all this stuff in their heads?  A quick look at our chapter on JWs gave us all the precise  information we needed to tell that man the truth.  What he does with it is up to him, but at least we tried.


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'And call no man your father upon the earth; for one is your Father, which is in heaven.' (In defiance or perhaps ignorance of this, Catholic and Anglican priests are addressed as 'Father' and the pope is called 'Holy Father.')
Matthew 23:9

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