80 whale fossils in the Chilean desert - yet more evidence of Noah's Flood! by Pat Franklin

The evidence mounts for Noah's Flood.  Now 80 whale fossils have been found in a desert in Chile, far from the sea.  Just what one would expect as the ocean basins formed, the waters receded, the continents rose, and many marine animals were cut off from the seas, trapped inland, and rapidly buried in sediment. 

I am so grateful to Tas Walker and all at CMI (Creation Ministries International) for pointing all this out. Here is the link to the whale story:


They have also answered a question I had about the Ice Age,  I had always had a question mark over there really was an Ice Age, but as one of their articles pointed out, Noah's Flood provided the right conditions, and the Ice Age was the earth's response by which it returned to a stable condition.  The mega volcanic activity during the Flood left the dust high in the atmosphere and the warm oceans contributed to the equation, after the catastrophic year of the Flood.  The scientists at CMI reckon that it took 700 years for the earth to readjust completely.  Wow.  Aren't you glad you live now and not then! I  sure am.

 I thank God for all the creation scientists at CMI and other ministries for gathering all the scientific information together in readable form, understandable to the ordinary person.  What a service they have provided for those of us who believe the Bible and now have the science at our fingertips, thanks to these brave men and women who have withstood the scoffing and scorn of their peers and stood for the truth of God's Word, the Bible, including the Book of Genesis.  How wonderful that God has raised up so many scientists to help us understand the deep truths of history and the Bible.

 My major at college was not science, but English Lit.  About a year ago I went through one of my old college books, an anthology of English Prose and Poetry through the centuries.  There was a short biography of each writer.  The thing that jumped out at me was that so many of the writers started out with some measure of Christian faith, but lost that faith at university.  How immensely sad that at the places where they went to get knowledge, they instead lost wisdom.  Their sad, empty lives reflected that.

A few, like John Donne, were the exceptions. He started out bad, a libertine, but found faith and repented.

Now we can all know the truth.  Certainly in the West, we are without excuse.  What about you, dear reader?  We are all on one of two paths - the wide path to destruction or the narrow path that leads to life and joy with God forever.  Which path are you following?  Jesus said those were the only two options.

Thank God, He put me on that narrow path in 1981 the January night I cried out to Him to forgive my sins and make me one of His people.  Have you ever done something like that?  No time like the present!

 Here is a good prayer:  'Oh dear God, if You exist, please help me find You!'  He does exist and He will help you.  You will find Him in the pages of the Bible.  Read the New Testament. It is all true, from the first word to the last.  If you will put your trust in His Son, the Lord Jesus, you will soon be on that narrow path that leads to Heaven. 

Once I had put my faith in the Lord Jesus, I really got down to business with the Bible.  As a cradle Catholic I knew nothing, but nothing, about the Bible, and especially nothing about the Old Testament.  I just could not wait to find out what happened to King David when I started to read about him.  All the stories were news to me.  As for Abraham, wow.  I had goosebumps on top of goosebumps.  And Daniel! And Jacob! I just loved them all, and still do.  To think that they are all in Heaven with the Lord now is just wonderful.  And of course Noah!  Him too.  He actually lived through that terrible Flood, and now there he is, up with the Lord. 

All the men and women of faith would have been in Sheol, the 'paradise' section of the underworld, waiting until the prophesied Messiah shed His blood as a sacrifice for their sins and our sins.  Then as soon as the Lord Jesus died, He went there to preach to them and tell them it was over, their penalties for sin were all paid for by Him at Calvary.  Then He 'led captivity captive' by leading them all to Heaven.  How amazing to think they are all still alive. 

 The world looks so dark now, but what a bright future we have!  What wonders await us!  To think that God made it so simple for us, so easy - all we have to do is accept His Son to win the highest prize, an eternity of happiness. 

Surely today is the day to invite the Lord Jesus into your heart!  Here is another good prayer:  'Lord Jesus, I open  the door of my heart today.  Please come in and be my Lord and Savior and forgive ALL my sins.' 

  • Finally, we recommend Creation Ministries, the source of so much well researched information which refutes the lie of evolution. Here is the link to the main Creation website- http://creation.com/



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Matthew 7:21-23

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