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This one was about various Christian groups that reach out to Jews- but think it wrong to convert them, for fear of causing "offence." Here's some of what I said: The Gospel is an offence. If we preach it we will mightily offend most people. The world does not want to hear - Jews, Gentiles, whoever. That's why I am always suspicious of anything hugely popular, like Rick Warren's books, the Alpha Course and so on. You just know they are not telling the whole story, or people wouldn't like it. On Wednesday Pat and Annie (my wife and daughter) are going to visit relatives in southern Israel. There the Orthodox truly hate the Christians, slash their tyres, surround their houses shouting out insults and so on. It is tough to be a Christian in most parts of Israel. These Jews certainly need to be witnessed to. We should love them enough to stop them going to Hell. Any so-called Christian group which does NOT preach the Gospel should go back and re-read Scripture. We are to be witnesses of Jesus to the world. They are already offended so who cares? Much in the world offends me and I have to put up with it. My next comment was to a real Christian unfortunate enough to go to an Anglican church where they plan delights such as circle dancing. Here's what I told her: You've sussed it all. You've seen through it. Praise the Lord! You don't need my advice. This is the Holy Spirit working in you, guiding you. Circle Dancing, in brief, is entwined with feminine spirituality/New Age, etc etc. It is not something Christians should do. They will be eating raisin cakes next....some churches who practice circle dancing already do this, to bond the sisterhood together. It's really witchcraft. Gaia worship. Nothing the mainstream church does surprises me, because most folk who call themselves Christians are in deep, dark ignorance. Unfortunately, they choose to stay that way, with a few exceptions like yourself. I fear you will have to leave your church as you will get tired of being the odd one out. A dear friend of ours, who fought the good fight for years in a Baptist church, now gone a little loony, has finally left and joined the Brethren. They are perhaps the last body of believers in Britain who know Scripture, apart from a handful of small independent churches like our own. And even we are not 100 per cent right. Good churches need input from people like you. Why waste your time, energy and contributions in a false church that will soon be part of the Great Whore Church? I did a six hour teaching at Bosham, Sussex last Saturday - went very well and nobody tried to escape (although I took the precaution of locking them in!). The church needs good, informed, in-depth teaching and Bible study. Then it won't fall for so much froth and nonsense. There are places for Christians to find out what's going on - our website for one, .I put a few things on the Christian section this week-end. Your friend needs to get online and get informed. You can see how easily antichrist will fool the "church" can't you? They already love Benny Hinn. And finally this one, to an Englishman in America who e-mailed from Billings, Montana: Montana is one state I have yet to visit, although we drove 2,500 miles through America in August, speaking at a number of conferences. My last was in Vail, Colorado, called Steeling The Mind. They promote speakers of, how shall we say, robust views. My main theme was the coming North American Union - a replica of the EU. There are lots of globalists in high office and their ultimate aim is world government, unlikely though that may sound, especially when they drape themselves in the Stars and Stripes. That's the real reason Bush and co have no intention of sealing the border - an economic union with Mexico and Canada is well under way. I prove this chapter and verse in my talks, as I am well aware that most people will not believe it. Lou Dobbs is one who does, by the way. One way they will bring this about is the coming economic collapse of Amercia - I call it the coming Greater Depression. Fighting wars it cannot afford on money borrowed from China does not seem like the brightest of ideas; nor is "Helicopter" Ben Bernanke (who once said he would chuck bundles of money from helcicopters to reflate the economy) to be trusted, as he cranks up the printing presses to flood the market with liquidity. This is a sure way to depreciate the currency, which is backed by nothing but "confidence." The worst of the bad news about housing and banking crises is not yet out - things are far, far worse than most people realise. How do I know? I look at the deficits. The powers-that-be also love to scare us half to death with fake scare stories- especially global non-warming. This is another way they will bring in a one-world government "global problems must be tackled internationally." Even if they are a pack of lies. I was amused today to watch French TV news and view a report on how it is so unseasonally COLD this year that the ski-resorts are opening weeks ahead of their normal times. Must be the coming ice age...ho ho ho..


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