Blasphemy in the Bible Belt – written on Shriners' building in Springfield, Missouri: ‘No god but Allah!’ By Pat Franklin.

Below the dome of this masonic lodge in Springfield Missouri is a blue background with white Arabic writing, which says: 'No god but Allah'

The cornerstone of the building says: ‘Abou Ben Adhem Shrine Mosque A.A.O.N.M.S. 1922’.

Arabic writing below the dome says: 'No god but Allah'.

Freemasons claim to be Christians, but this Freemason building in Springfield, Missouri, gives the game away.  The decorative Arabic writing below the dome says: 'No god but Allah'.

The building, in the heart of the Bible Belt, is the Shriners’ mosque, built in 1922.  The Shriners are a high level of Freemasonry.  We asked a Shriner there what the Arabic writing  meant, and he said it was ‘just decoration; it doesn’t mean anything.’  We emailed a picture of it to friends in Israel and had it translated by Arab Christians there.  It actually says:  ‘No god but Allah.’  

The picture and an article about the evils of Freemasonry are in our book, "Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain". There is a chapter on masonry and many other false faiths in our latest book, "Cults and Isms: True or False?" Christians - arm yourselves with the facts and help us get this information out while there is yet time! Both books are available from our webshop.

There are two domes on the building and two blue backgrounds with the white writing.  They have been there since 1922, with their message boldly declaring:  ‘No god but Allah’.  It would seem that no one in the last 90 plus years ever recognized the expensive decorative writing as Arabic, or if they had, no one had bothered to get it translated.  Or perhaps the Masons who commissioned the building knew very well what it said and had it put up anyway.   

One thing is sure – it cost a great deal of money.   It occurs to us that if someone is paying out a large sum of money, they usually know what they are paying for.  Someone must have known what this writing said.  Someone ordered it. Someone paid for it.  Someone was so committed to it that they had it put up twice, once below each of the twin domes.  Freemasons ordered it, paid for it, and had it erected. 

 Shriners are Freemasons who can choose to take an oath either on the Bible or on the Koran, the Islamic ‘bible’ which says that Jesus is not God or the Son or God, did not die on the cross, was not buried, and did not rise from the dead.  Yet these men consider themselves Christians.

The Shriners are portrayed as the clowns of the Freemasons, who ride funny go-karts in parades to raise money for good causes like children’s hospitals.  Who could object to a children’s hospital?  This gives the Shriners a great image in the eyes of most Americans, but look deeper.  Jesus said the last days (basically, now) would be characterized by deception.The Shriners themselves are deceived.  They believe that by their good works they will go to Heaven, but the Bible says our good works are like filthy rags in God’s eyes (Isaiah 64:6).  Only faith in Jesus Christ gets us to Heaven.   Only faith in Him gives our good works any value in God's eyes.

Jesus said to swear no oaths (Holy Bible, Gospel of Matthew 5:33-37), but all Freemasons swear terrible, blood-curdling oaths in their initiation rituals as they rise up the various levels of freemasonry.  The oaths mainly consist of curses, with the masons calling down terrible tortures and barbaric murders on themselves if they divulge any of the secrets of masonry.  The oaths have all been thoroughly exposed by courageous ex-Freemasons who have left the Masonic movement, and given their lives to Jesus Christ. 

Pictures of the Shriners’ bulding with its blasphemous writing are in both our books, "Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain" and "Cults and Isms: True or False?"  Both can be ordered from this website.  Perhaps if any readers live near Springfield, Missouri, they could check this out for themselves, and warn any Shriners they meet.

Shriners also wear the red fez, which is supposed to be terribly amusing, but in fact, is another deception.  Fez is a town in Morocco where the Islamics swept in, killing every Christian who would not worship their false god Allah.  Thousands were martyred and the Islamics dipped their fezzes in the blood of Christians. Hence the red fez.  Shriners deny all this, of course.   

To any Shriners who think they are Christians, we say:  Your own building in Springfield, Missouri, gives the game away.  You are supporting a false movement which is so careless of Jesus Christ that it glorifies a false god, Allah with an expensive building.  It is high time you left the Shriners, left the Freemason movement, and turned your life over to the Lord Jesus Christ, who alone can save you from Hell.  You can renounce every hellish oath and ask the Lord Jesus to forgive you, cleanse you and make you one of His people.  You cannot serve two masters - Jesus and Allah.  You must choose who you will serve. 

Alan (whose own father was a Shriner) says:  If any church would like me to come and talk about Masonry, other cults and isms, or End Times prophecy - the world on red alert - I would be happy to come.  I tour America and The United Kingdom every year and have 2014 dates available. These are times of great significance from a prophetic viewpoint, with the focus on Israel, deception in the churches, the EU in Bible prophecy (the Revived Roman Empire) and much else, like the building of The New World Order.

Most Christians, like the world at large, are ignorant of the momentous events shaping up round the world, as we move into the last days prior to the Lord's return. Never heard of any of this? Our books tell the story - and I will tell it in person anywhere I am invited, if practical. We levy no charges and make no profits, accepting only donations to help towards costs. Contact me at

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