America's biggest banker and biggest traitor. Personal opinion by Warren Appleton, with some hard hitting comment.

Warren Appleton The biggest banker and the biggest traitor, in my judgement, is David Rockefeller and his mob of traitors,the CFR, or Council on Foreign Relations. But they are not even mentioned among the guilty ones. Their goal, since 1921, is to bring about one-world government, while destroying all free, sovereign existing, legitimate governments, including the USA. One of the candidates right now, John McCain, is listed in their Annual Report for 2008, as a member of the CFR. They are the ones who have been working to merge the USA with Mexico and Canada. Most Americans have never heard of them. David Rockefeller likes it that way. He brags about his ability to black out the news about anything he doesn't want made public, and admits that they could not have made such progress in the destruction of America without that “cooperation” of the big media. These are the elitists that are running our dear country into the ground,fast. Both big parties are in on it, But the third largest , the CONSTITUTION PARTY has a wonderful candidate for President named Chuck Baldwin, who is as solid as a rock. No vote for him will ever be wasted,nor will it ever be part of a “lesser of two evils”. Please permit me to surmise that the CFR and its Internationalist pals need an issue to use a springboard for the revolution that will be able to bring about the one government of the world which they will head up. Already we are hearing that the 850 Billion Dollars will be used in Asia and around the world. It seems that the biggest financial centers are adopting Socialism and the sovereign nations are going broke. Out of the ashes will arise, they think, their single Godless, SocialistWorld Government. We shall soon see.


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Amos 5:24

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