A Euro prosecutor, a common legal system, a Euro police force- see the EU superstate taking shape before your eyes!

Brussels unveils plans to move to single European prosecutor. The EU Commission is to table a proposal aimed at strengthening Eurojust, the EU's judicial body. According to the proposed legislation, all national members should have the same, minimum set of powers and a minimum three-year-long, renewable mandate. In addition, they should have automatic access to national databases on terrorist cases, criminal records, DNA or national prison records. Eurojust is widely seen as the cornerstone for a single European prosecutors office (envisaged in the revised EU Constitution), which would have powers to initiate and proceed with the investigation of serious cross-border crimes. (EUobserver 25 October) Commission to suggest common EU civil law. A paper commissioned by the EU Commission to be published in December will suggest a framework for a common European civil law, relating to the exchange of goods and services, such as leasing, damage, the right to withdraw from contracts and unjustified enrichment. (EUobserver 22 October)


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'Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life.' Two million Christians martyred in recent years in Sudan now have this crown.
Revelation 2:10

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