Iran mocks the idea of the Holocaust.

Iran Launches Holocaust-Denial Cartoon Site

by Hillel Fendel
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A new website in Iran depicts the Holocaust as seen through Iranian eyes – cartoons, mockery, denial claims, and a dedication to “all those killed in the name of the Holocaust.”

The Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (ITIC) reports that the new, extensive website,, is in the form of a comic book in three languages: Persian, English and Arabic. It begins by stating that it is dedicated to “all those who were killed by those using the Holocaust excuse.”

Claims that the Holocaust either never happened or was exaggerated, long familiar on the Iranian scene, are presented in detail, as are allegations that Israel simply used the Holocaust concept to kill Arabs and take over what was then Palestine.

Mockery is the website’s overriding theme, both in the illustrations and the content. An example: “One day, when Hitler woke up, he decided to suffocate six million Jews. Unfortunately, only 5.4 million Jews were living in Europe, so he invited another 600,000 into Europe, and they arrived within a few days.”

Another page states: “Did the Holocaust happen only during World War Two? No, before that, six million Jews died of hunger and poverty during World War One, but because no one paid any attention, they let themselves be gassed to death again by the Nazis.”

The website takes the familiar approach of accusing Israel of using the Holocaust for the formation of the renewed Jewish State: “Jewish artists re-built the gas chambers, using their mental talents and their imagination… The German government asked the Jews to take everything it had, but the Jews agreed to take only $100 billion, and contributed the rest to their god.”

The site also mocks Jewish claims that Moslems in then-Palestine collaborated with the Nazis: “Researchers have proven that the Great Mufti in Jerusalem looked at Hitler’s picture three times during the war, and therefore Palestine belongs to the Jews.”

ITIC states that this new Iranian website “is yet another expression of the country’s policy of Holocaust denial, and plays a central role in the Iranian regime’s attempt to de-legitimize Israel and deny the historical-moral basis of Zionism. Holocaust denial has been very familiar in Iran since the Islamic Revolution there, but it has increased significantly ever since Mahmoud Ahmedinajad was elected president in 2005.” Since his election, ITIC notes, Iran has held an exhibit of Holocaust denial cartoons and has officially sponsored a Holocaust denial conference.


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