$5 de-wormer said to cure advanced cancer - by Pat Franklin

Panacur (Fenbendazole) – a de-wormer for dogs and cats – has been found to cure advanced lung cancer, according to a  Youtube site called Veterinary Secrets.  It costs about $5.

Ivermectin – a de-wormer for horses – has been used around the world to cure Covid 19 patients, including hospice patients.  It costs just a few dollars.  It also prevents you from getting Covid.  One doctor said if it was routinely given out, Covid would be just a nuisance, like the common cold.

Can we buy  these in the UK?  No.  In the USA you might be able to buy some still at a tractor shop or agricultural store. 

Question:  what else might be cured by these de-wormers?  How about dementia?  Will someone please start a trial on that?

Meanwhile, I am contacting people I know with cancer and telling them of this.  Friends in the US may be able to get some; I hope so.  


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