When a blind man glimpsed heaven. A taste of things to come for true believers in Jesus Christ. By Alan Franklin .

 Terry James is a man who died. Three times. Now he is alive – and still on earth. So if you want to know if there is a heaven, what it is like, who is there and what they look like, ask Terry, right? But there’s a problem. Terry is blind. But the Lord Jesus had a way with the blind. He opened their eyes.


Terry was helped into an ambulance, where he died – for a while. He heard a blip noise, like a computer makes. That was it. Terry was walking into the Valley of The Shadow of Death. Once there, in an immediate revelation, Terry could see! His spiritual eyes had been opened – and what an astounding vision he saw. He found himself “in a place of perfection.”


How do I know? Because Terry told me. His heart stopped three times. He “died” on the operating table in Benton, Arkansas. As medics pummeled his body to get his heart beating again, Terry didn’t care. He was in a far, far better place, with lots of beautiful young people. He could see them, enjoy their company and run with them.


Terry and I agree on many things, but one is important. We are realists, both of us with a background in the media where you need a firm grip on reality. We don’t put much store in “visions,” other than those described in the Holy Bible. Scripture alone is sufficient without men embroidering it. This is why Terry was reluctant to tell of his experiences, after doctors pulled him back from his toehold in the afterlife. He says, in an article previewing his forthcoming book on his vision of eternity, that he avoids emotionalism, personal accounts of supernaturalism in any form and other such fanciful areas, as people can easily deceive themselves.


Because he didn’t want to write about what happened, the fact that he is doing so gives it more weight. I know how he feels: I didn’t want to write my first book, EU: Final World Empire, and in fact turned down a publisher’s request to do so. Only when Dr David Reagan, who I respect enormously, told me to get on with it did I so – still reluctantly. If the Lord wants you to do something, you do it. If you have an out of body experience of Heaven that is valid, because of your past record, you tell the world - this lost, dying world where most people, on death, will face the fires of Hell. So with Terry, who says: “I’m convinced the Holy Spirit is directing me to tell, in-depth, the meanings wrapped up in my heart stopping on those three occasions.”



Terry had his heart attack in April, 2011, after exercising at his gym in Benton, Arkansas, USA, home town of Rapture Ready, a great website for articles about the Rapture. This is the ‘catching away’ of Christians, we believe in the fairly near future, to meet the Lord Jesus in the air before the coming Great Tribulation predicted in Bible prophecy.



Terry is general editor of the Rapture Ready web site, which we have a link to, http://raptureready.com/  It is full of terrific articles, but few are as powerful as the article giving a foretaste of Terry’s new book, titled: HeavenVision: Glimpses into Glory.


Terry left the physical world, where doctors were trying to save his life, and entered a realm of light and love, with a smiling group of people bidding him welcome. Here is his account: “I was instantly standing before a large group of young, beautiful people. They glowed, not with some ghostly glow, but with that of the vibrant, perfect health of the young. They were smiling broadly, their hands motioning and arms raising and gesturing for me to join them; I could tell.


“I was in a place of perfection…of joy…and I had no thought of where I had just come from, or any thought of anything, except that this was reality like I had never known. I wanted to stay forever.


“The people became increasingly energized in their cheering welcome, and I wanted to move into their midst. But then things got dark and nightmarish, and I was feeling my bare chest with my fingertips.


“Oh, yeah. I was on my way to the hospital, or something. Or was this just a bad dream and I would soon be back to those young people and all of that joy and peace? No. I remembered then: This was a heart attack, or something; I didn’t know what at this point.


“I hit him with the paddles!” a man was shouting.


“Paddles?” I said to him. (They said I came back talking.)


“Your heart stopped,” was his comment.


“The pain again grew in my chest, and once more I heard the blip.


“Once more I stood in front of that joyous throng of those in their mid-twenties, or so they appeared. They were cheering with great energy. I again wanted to join them. The warmth, the love, was incredible…and peaceful, despite their powerful exultation.


“Reflecting now on my being in front of that throng, there was one beautiful young face in particular that captured my attention. She appeared to be at the center of the group, and her demeanor seemed especially welcoming. 


“I felt the darkness tugging me, and I was again on the gurney, or table, or whatever. The activity over and around me was frantic. My clothes were stripped from me, things were being attached to me, and someone was getting prepared to do something in the right groin area.


“ ‘What are you doing?’ I naturally asked, strangely calm and clinical with my question. Never during all of this did I think of the possibility of dying. Never was I ever near panic.


“ ‘No details…’


“The man’s voice was foreign. I later learned he was from India—and was one of the top interventional cardiologists in our state. Someone to my left said, ‘He’s busy trying to save your life.’


“I thought, Well, when someone is trying to save your life, it is wise to just shut up. Which I did.


“The pain grew to be excruciating again, and then the blip sounded. I was among the young people. I could see and sense them on either side. It was like we were running; all of us were laughing and thoroughly enjoying the experience. Some of them were looking over at me with their bright laughter as we ran. The same young woman, I now recall, was even more jubilant than the others as she turned to look at me and raise her hands in a victorious gesture. There was no thought of where I had been before I was again in their presence.


“We were moving swiftly from right to left, if one were watching it happen. We were moving toward some powerful, magnetic tugging that none of us either could or wanted to resist. It was, however, unbridled freedom and joy that I felt while we moved.


“This time, I faded from being among them, to my great consternation. I was again on the procedure table, having been hit for the third time with the defibrillator to start my heart, which had stopped beating those three times (I was told later).

They had finished with me, and I felt no pain—only hands all over me, doing things to wires and tubes attached to me. They told my wife that I came back each time chattering—talking to those in the procedure room. I sure did. I wanted everyone—anyone—to know the spectacular place I had just been.”


Terry’s thought provoking essay can be found in full here http://www.raptureready.com/terry/heavenvision.html


As we approach the time of the Rapture, an event foretold in the Bible which, astoundingly, few churches believe in or teach on, it is time to focus  fast on what we believe, how we can validate it and what it means to our final destination: Heaven or Hell. There is no in-between land, for the “baptized as a baby Christian,” half believing people. You are in or out, with those saved people now living the afterlife to the full for eternity, or the utter despair and misery of an eternity in Hell, which Jesus warned repeatedly was real and awaiting all those who did not accept and follow Him.


Learn from Terry’s glimpse of the afterlife- and think about buying his book when it appears – if the Lord tarries. For the Rapture could come before the day ends. I have just released a DVD on the timing of the Rapture, proving from scripture that it is real, imminent, and will happen before the coming tribulation period- the worst time in the world’s history. It is available on http://www.thefreepressonline.co.uk/





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