The BBC - the Biased Broadcasting Organisation- in another disgraceful, one-sided anti Israel report.

Comparison of Israeli and Turkish Commissions  Investigation of the Mavi Marmara Incident. The BBC's online coverage coverage of the Turkel Report, graphically illustrates all that is wrong with its reporting of Israel. 


The online report can be seen at: Rather than address the actual findings of the report, which vindicated Israeli actions, the BBC immediately begins by attempting to discredit the report by focusing on Turkish criticisms. BBC's anti-Israel bias is shown in its online headline.


The headline, which sets the tone for the story, is about Turkish criticism and not the findings of the report itself. This focus continues in the opening paragraphs of the story, which also highlights a negative quote against Israel from the UN. A photo and the accompanying caption - the photo fails to demonstrate any direct link to the story contents while the caption highlights that "one activist was shot four times in the head". 


The article continues by extensively quoting Turkish PM Erdogan who states: "To my judgment there is no value, nor credibility to this report." As if to drive the point home, the BBC article continues with a well-placed and visible sub-heading 'Banditry and piracy' The BBC is notorious not only for what it includes in its reports, but also for the vital context that it omits.


Referring to the makeup of the inquiry commission, the article simply states: The panel of inquiry was headed by retired Supreme Court Justice JacobTurkel, working alongside five Israeli members and two international observers. Were the BBC interested in providing relevant context, it would have included the information that those two international observers were: Lord David Trimble, the (joint) Nobel Peace Prize laureate of 1998 and a member of Britain's House of Lords. He won the Nobel for his contribution to achieving peace in Northern Ireland. He served as professor of law at Queen's University in Belfast. Upon being elected to Parliament in 1990, he left the teaching profession. Lord Trimble became leader of the Ulster Unionist Party and was First Minister ofNorthern Ireland from 1998 to 2002. He has published numerous articles and books on law. Brigadier-General (Ret.) Ken Watkin who served for 33 years in the Canadian army. His last position was Judge Advocate General; in that capacity he served among other things as legal advisor for theGovernor General of Canada, the Defense Minister, the Department of National Defense and also supervised the military justice system of the Canadian Forces. Watkin was a legal advisor on themilitary/civilian board of inquiry investigating Canada's military actions in Somalia, as the government advisor on inquiries and investigations following the Rwanda genocide in 1994. He received the Maritime Commander's Commendation and is a member of the Order of Military Merit. Brigadier-General Watkin has published many articles on law, including international humanitarian and civil rights law.


He is expected to receive a professorship in international law at the US Army's Naval War College. The commission also included two international legal experts from outside Israel. Indeed, Trimble and Watkin publicly stated: "We have no doubt that the Commission is independent." But since when did this stop the BBC from sowing the seeds of doubt? Instead, readers are treated to an accompanying box of "Analysis" from the BBC's newest member of its Jerusalem bureau, Jon Donnison, who writes:"The problem Israel is going to face is that many of its critics will see it as a whitewash.


"This was an Israeli government-commissioned inquiry and people will say it simply wasn't balanced. "Donnison might wish to consider the role of the media, particularly the BBC, in promoting this view. Donnison adds:The findings of this report were in stark contrast to the views of 600 pro-Palestinian activists aboard those ships. Donnison and the article fail to mention that the "600 pro-Palestinian activists" included a number of well-organized and violent members of the Turkish Islamist IHH organization who were fully prepared to assault Israeli soldiers boarding the Mavi Marmara.


Despite the fact that the Israeli commission of inquiry was headed by a supreme court judge and included legal experts and independent observers, Donnison still presents the "views of 600 pro-Palestinian activists" as somehow the equal of the Turkel Report. Why does the BBC actively cast doubt and aspersions on the credibility of an Israeli inquiry while treating "pro-Palestinian activists" with a moral equivalence, as if they do not have a vested interest and a high level of ideological belief that is pushing their hatred andcriticism of Israel.


Not to mention that a number of these so-called "activists" were members of the Turkish Islamist IHH organization who came fully prepared to assault IDF soldiers - another piece of contextomitted from the BBC report. It contrast to Israel's comprehensive and open report, it should be noted that The Turkish Report was prepared in only three weeks.TheTurkish Commission has no website, its report was not published, and it has not been made available to the public. The Turkish Commissionwas composed only of government officials  whose identities  are not known The ZCC urges you to contact the BBC via the following website and complain about their bias reporting.  Karen SolomonDirector ZCC0161 740 


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