Muslims plan mosque, center near New York's ground zero.

Alan Franklin comments: I have no way of knowing the motivation of the Islamics behind this project. Let's assume they are nice, reasonable people and good citizens. However, the fact is that their religion - if they truly follow it - is anything but nice and peaceful.

Islam instructs its followers fo kill or subjugate the infidels- that's those of all other faiths. There can be no compromise, no let-up, until this goal is accomplished. That is why there can never be lasting peace with Islamic nations. Fuelled by oil money from the Middle East, they are recycling the west's money into the building of new mosques all round the world, in a bid to establish the Caliphate - a one world Islamic rule.

It is not "hateful" to point this out, for it the truth as set out in the Koran and other Islamic writings. For a full breakdown of how Islam is diametrically opposed to Christianity, get our book, Cults and Isms, True or False? from this website. It also blows the cover off many other false faiths. Wake up, world!

Now here is part of the story:
  • The Project includes 15-story community center, a mosque, performance art center
  • Community Board of lower Manhattan voted unanimously to support the project
  • Project gets mixed reviews from families and friends of 9/11 victims
  • After funds raised, center to be completed in three to five yearlans to build a mosque two blocks away from ground zero have set off an emotional debate among area residents and relatives of victims of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks.

Cordoba House project calls for a 15-story community center including a mosque, performance art center, gym, swimming pool and other public spaces.

The project is a collaboration between the American Society for Muslim Advancement and the Cordoba Initiative, both of which work to improve relations with followers of the religion.

The two groups presented their vision to part of the Community Board of lower Manhattan on Wednesday night.

Ro Sheffe, a board member who attended the meeting, said the project did not need to get the board's approval.

"They own the land, and their plans don't have any zoning changes," Sheffe said. "They came to us for our opinions and to let us know their plans. It was purely voluntary on their part."

The 12 members who were at the meeting voted unanimously to support the project. Community board members are appointed by the borough president and serve as advisers to the borough president and the mayor's office.

Daisy Khan, executive director of the Muslim society, described her vision of a center led by Muslims, but serving the community as a whole.

"It will have a real community feel, to celebrate the pluralism in the United States, as well as in the Islamic religion," Khan said. "It will also serve as a major platform for amplifying the silent voice of the majority of Muslims who have nothing to do with extremist ideologies. It will counter the extremist momentum."

The need for the center is twofold, Khan said, because it will support the needs of the growing Muslim community.

"The time for a center like this has come because Islam is an American religion," Khan said. "We need to take the 9/11 tragedy and turn it into something very positive."


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