Your freedoms, from choosing your health treatment to your right to travel are under threat right now.


The WHO is urgently pushing to finalize the Pandemic Treaty, convening an emergency meeting to cement its control before the World Health Assembly. 

This treaty threatens to strip YOU of YOUR ability to make personal health decisions, placing immense power in the hands of global elites to control your life. 

Don't let them dictate your life! Sign the petition now to voice your opposition and protect your freedoms!


I’m reaching out to readers urgently—there’s a critical update on the UN’s Pandemic Treaty powergrab you need to know about.

Many freedom lovers have waged a relentless war thus far against what looms as one of the gravest threats to our cherished liberties.

But now, as we approach the final showdown, UN globalist elites are desperate, mounting one last effort to seal this agreement. 

We are on the brink of either a significant victory or a devastating loss. Which one it will be depends on your taking action TODAY!

Act now and send a thunderous message to UK Ambassador Simon Morley and WHO representatives that we will not surrender our freedoms.

Imagine being forced to take a vaccine, being told which ones your kids must receive, or even whether you can leave your town or go to church on Sunday.

The effort of a lifetime in your business or the job you've worked so hard in could be lost just because some UN bureaucrats decide to impose -again- lockdowns worldwide.

Well, you don't need to imagine it. You've already experienced it!

You know just as well as I do how they use the fear of contagion to control your freedom.

Their agenda is clear - this treaty is about reducing us to mere subjects under a global power that dictates large chunks of your everyday life - forcing lockdowns, crippling our economies, and curtailing our fundamental freedoms.

Thanks to your consistent support, they’ve failed to agree on a final draft - what’s more, they are seriously struggling to find consensus across all member states. And their time is running out!

Recent UN meetings have been marked by discord and hesitation among the negotiators. 

Key decisions are being postponed to the final moments, leading to stalemates on numerous issues—your pressure is working, and they know it.

We’ve managed to raise an uproar and expose this treaty for what it really is.

As a result, state representatives are starting to think twice about waging war on the fundamental freedoms of its citizens.

But now, the UN elites are desperately trying to finalise the agreement before the set deadline of 27th May at the UN World Health Assembly.

As I write this, an emergency round of negotiations is taking place, and it is looking like a frantic push to finalise a treaty by whatever means necessary.

We know this too - that they are prepared to pass even a diluted version of the Pandemic Treaty just to claim victory - because whatever goes through will then be almost impossible to repeal.

After pouring immense resources into this treaty, they're too invested to back down now. And they continue to add high-powered interventions and meetings to increase "credibility."

This may be our final stand, the last barrier before the home straight at the World Health Assembly on the 27th of May. Let’s ensure they hear us loud and clear!

SIGN THIS PETITION NOW. Stand with us to send a loud and clear message to Ambassador Simon Morley and WHO representatives that this treaty must be rejected.

What they’re pursuing isn't just an overreach - it's a direct threat to your sovereignty, health, family, and freedoms.

As the treaty’s wording becomes increasingly mandatory—moving from “should” to “shall” in the draft, and making it legally binding—it’s clear they’re not just overreaching; they’re unashamedly encroaching on our sovereignty, health, and freedoms. 

The text now includes the word “shall” over 160 times, transforming it from a framework of guidance to one of uncompromising mandates.

They’re pushing this through in the shadows, without our consent, with NO transparency whatsoever!

Let me stress that this could be our last chance to stop the globalists’ scheme. Let’s not squander this opportunity.

We must exploit their discord as a window of opportunity—we know that our collective actions can sway the course of these negotiations, and that is precisely what we are working tirelessly to achieve.

As we approach these decisive moments, your signature is needed more than ever.

Sign the petition urging Ambassador Simon Morley to reject the WHO Pandemic Treaty in its current form, and stand for the individual freedoms of its citizens.

Thank you for your unwavering support and for standing alongside us in one of the most critical battles for personal freedom we have faced to date.

Sebastian Lukomski and the entire team at CitizenGO

P.S. In a last-ditch effort to push the Pandemic Treaty over the finish line, the WHO has convened an emergency meeting just before the crucial World Health Assembly on the 27th of May. They're in a race against time, intent on finalising the treaty’s most contentious parts as you and CitizenGOers around the world mobilise against their power-grab. This urgency reveals just how critical they believe this moment is.

Right now, your signature on our petition is more important than ever. This isn't just about a policy—it's about preserving our fundamental freedoms and preventing a massive shift of power and funds to globalist elites. 

Stand with us by signing the petition. Let’s make sure our voices are heard loud and clear and demonstrate that we won’t let our rights be negotiated away in closed-door meetings. Your action today is critical to this crucial battle.

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