No fear! by Pat Franklin

Late last night, May 8, I saw the chilling news that Israel was opening its bomb shelters in the north, just in case.  This  came from Amir Tsarfati's update.  Here we are, May 9, and all is well, so far so good in Israel. But an Iranian site in Syria has taken a hit. 

I called our family in the north of Israel and the usual mini riot was in progress - one playing a violin, one bouncing a ball, three trying to outdo each other in the volume of noise each could produce.  No one huddling in a bomb shelter.  So that's a relief!

It was a scary thing to read last night, and Amir was telling us all to pray for Israel.  I emailed this to my sister in America who listened to Amir and came back with:  'Amen!  No fear!' 

Yes indeed.  Amir knows the end of the story, as does my sister and everyone who studies the prophecies of the end times in the Bible.

Jesus is coming back, and He is going to win!  He will rule and reign, He Himself, not some false god, not some terror organization, not the New World Order people.

It is His world.  He made it; it belongs to Him and He will take possession of it and rule it with a rod of iron.

Today I came across a notebook from a Bible teaching day and opened to this:  'Iran is going to be destroyed - also Isis.  They are doomed to fail.  When you set your face against Israel, you are against God.  He is going to vindicate the rights of Israel.'

Amen.  Yes, Iran, ancient Persia, will go down the drain.  I feel so sorry for the people there who long for freedom, and have heard that many of them have put their faith in the Lord Jesus.  They may have to suffer now, but what glory awaits them! 

We are certainly living in the end times.  It is undeniable now.  When Russia, Iran and Turkey joined hands recently, it was like the last thing, the final prop on the stage of history before the grand finale.

Why?  Because of the book of Ezekiel chapter 38, the war of Gog and Magog.  The three main adversaries against Israel in that war are, guess who?  Russia, Iran (Persia) and Turkey (Gomer and Togarmah).  All lined up. 

Amir has done a remarkable talk on this which you can find on Youtube or his own website, Behold Israel. I hope many of you will click on his talks and sign up for his updates.  He knows what he is talking about and he is there on the scene. 

So I am very glad that Israel is quiet today, apart from the usual mini riots!   

Jesus told us not to worry, and believers in Jesus have so much to look forward to - and number one has to be the Lord coming for us all in the air!



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