Britain is stuck with foreign criminals, because of their "human rights." But foreign courts get British police to arrest people for trial abroad - on the flimsiest of evidence.

 Tony Blair - the man who wrecked Great Britain - signed the European Union's "human rights" legislation, meaning Britain cannot deport thousands of foreign criminals becauise this "infringes" their so-called "rights." However, foreign countries now order British police to arrest British subjects, sending them abroad for trial on the flimsiest of evidence. The New World Order is gradually removing all our freedoms and rights, like the right to be considered innocent until found guilty in court. This article, from The Euro Realist Newsletter, reveals how bad things are in Europe. Wake up, people! ALAN FRANKLIN.


Few people who read this  will need remindingthat the EU is completely mad and illogical,

which is the only conclusion to come to when one sees how it operates under its own crazy rules and dictates.

Whilst British courts are refused the power, under the EU's Human Rights laws,  to ship foreign criminals back to their own countries, the EU has given other countries the power to order British police to snatch British subjects out of their homes. Our courts are powerless to stop their extradition to foreign prisons to face trials based on either circumstantial evidence or charges that are so flimsy they would be laughed out of any British court.

Such is the power of the European Arrest Warrant (EAW)which has seen over 1000 British people arrested in a twelve month period. One young victim of the EAW was Andrew Symeou, who after a holiday to Zante in 2007 found he was accused by the Greek authorities of the murder of another young Englishman, Jonathan Hiles, who had been attacked in a nightclub and  died of his injuries.

Mr Hiles' friends testified in a Greek court that Andrew was the person who delivered the fatal blow, but not why they thought it was him. It was later discovered that the reason they gave such testimonies was that they were beaten out of them by the Greek police. They  wanted to pin the killing on someone and Andrew happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Once delivered into the hands of theGreek prison system he suffered some appallingconditions in Greek prisons for ten months before being allowed out on bail, but not allowed to leaveGreece. Even then he was at the mercy of the Greek legal system which meant the case dragged on for a further fifteen months before, finally, he was declared innocent of all charges.

This whole case is a sorry disgrace and highlights the total abandonment of the British peopleby the British Government whose duty it is to protect the interests of all British subjects. Sadly, all British Governments, whatever their political leanings, be they Labour, Conservative or the current two-tone administration, consistently place the EU above the well being of the British people - which is an utter betrayal.

Andrew Symeou has lost some of the best years of his young life so Britain can pander to the EU and our Government declare we are'good Europeans'. Andrew is far from alone and the EAW is wrecking hundreds of lives, some cases being reported but many known only to those involved. Andrew is now free from his torment but the nation's torment as a member of the EU goes on: it is time to set Britain free from the EU and its life wrecking laws such as the European Arrest Warrant.


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