Another great riposte to global warming fascists - by Derek Bennett, Editor of Euro Realist.

Anyone who dares question flaws in the arguments of the green lobby is treated as if committing religious heresy. Those who question the legitimacy of the warmists' arguments are treated as pariahs. If we have a democracy and free speech it excludes those of us who question the suspect facts and figures about global warming. The simple fact cannot be denied that opposition to the warmists arguments is simply not allowed. A recent case came to light which Britain’s Christopher Booker, the renowned Sunday Telegraph journalist and author of books such as the Great Deception, reported in the Sunday Telegraph on the 13th April 2008. He wrote about the strange case of the BBC reporter, Roger Harobin, who posted a story on the BBC web-site covering the fact that despite the Green lobbies warnings of gloom and doom, the world is not actually warming up, and that for the last ten years there has been no global warming, which undermines completely the warmists dubious claims about the end of the world is nigh. The posting had not been on the BBC web-site for long when a green Fascist who belongs to the little known group called: ‘The Campaign Against Climate Change’, sent an e-mail to Mr Harobin to demand that he “correct” his posting. Despite Mr Harobin insisting that what he had reported was factual, the green warrior stated he was being “highly irresponsible to play into the hands of the sceptics”. He still stood firm and said that he had reported what the sceptics had claimed that the climate had not changed since 1998, and to ignore this would give the impression of censorship. The green militant got back at him and said this matter was not one of debate and he should not be quoting the sceptics, she then threatened to expose him by spreading his replies across the internet. This was when Mr Harobin caved in and changed his story to ignore what the climate sceptics had been reporting. The question must be asked, what exactly is being green these days? Apart from being naive about global temperatures, it would seem the main qualification of being green is to be an intolerant bully. Despite the claims of the warmists, the polar regions are not thawing at an alarming rate, Polar bears are not being stranded on melting icebergs, in fact many polar bears have come into the towns in the Arctic regions due to it being so cold. We have seen the unusual sight of ice and snow in Athens and China has had an exceptionally cold winter. Yet despite this we are having to tolerate the edicts of the green lobby whose dictates are creating havoc in our lives. Naturally, the EU has jumped on the green issue and because of this we are having to put up with either reduced dustbin sizes or fortnightly collections. We are also being forced to sort our waste for recycling under the threat of fines to comply with these EU rules and anything that goes into landfill is taxed at eye wateringly high rates. We also have cripplingly high fuel charges due to the amount of tax levied on petrol and diesel, and on top of that, we have the introduction of congestion charges and the threat of road pricing. Soon people will not be able to afford to go to work. Those scientists who report their findings that the world is not warming, or that increased levels of CO2 are not changing the climate, are being ignored. So too is the fact that glaciers move down hillsides and eventually melt, as they have done so over the millennia making many of the world’s geographical features.


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