Another big step towards big brother and the mark of the beast- mobile iris scanning.

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: For years those of us who see prophecy being fulfilled in the news headlines waited for the first person to be microchipped. That man worked not far from us, in Reading, Berkshire, England. Since that day in 1998 when Professor Kevin Warwick became, briefly, Britain's "Mr. Chip", events have moved fast. Many others have had ever smaller microchips inserted beneth their skin, as have millions of animals.

Professor Warwick, director of cybernetics at the University of Reading, became the first human to have a microchip under his skin. Doctors inserted a glass capsule about the size of a pearl into Warwick's arm. Inside were several microprocessors. The aim was to do simple tasks like switch on his computer and possibly unlock the door, I recall.

I did a story on this development as I could see that, although innocent, it was a big step towards the time when everyone on earth would be forced to take such a "mark" - the Mark of the Beast - see Revelation 13;16.

A New Zealand preacher called Barry Smith, who we came to know well, had been saying for decades that this time was fast approaching. I agreed and decided to put all the facts I had together on a video.

Filmed by our son, then a media student at college, the things we found out were astonishing. British pets were required to have "pet passports" when they returned from overseas visits, so we filmed  the insertion of microchips in dogs at a local vet's.

The proceedure was quick, simple and painless. Clearly, the task of microchipping the world would not be THAT difficult. Of course, many humans might object, having been warned by me and many others not to take the mark, as if you do your destination is hell. For it is Satan's mark of ownership.

Today talk of chipping people is common in the business world where it is seen as removing the problem of fraud and identity theft. Thousands of people have already taken the chip, mostly wealthy folk worried about kidnapping.

My new passport - an EU passport and not just a British one - has a microchip on it, recording every country I visit, time, date, etc. When I come through US passport control there is more: iris scanning and electronic fingerprinting. Big Brother is making himself felt- and you have seen nothing yet!

There follows a story sent to me by our friend Bill Federer- the man who should be US President but who was never given a winnable seat in the house by the Republican Party. Bill also knows what is going on - the creation of a New World Order. This is a press release and we print it unedited. It desrcibes big new plans for iris scanning - another step towards total control of the population.

Bear in mind that the product as such is "innocent" and we are not claiming it is intended for evil purposes. However, in the hands of an ever more intrusive government.....Read for yourselves:

 Breakthrough Solution Poised to Eradicate Identity Theft and Financial Fraud

NEW YORK, May 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Hoyos Group (Hoyos), a leading enterprise company with a 25 year history commercializing transformative ideas, today announced that it has been selected to demonstrate the first commercially scalable, mobile iris- scanning solution at the FinovateSpring Conference on May 10-11 in San Francisco, Calif.

Hoyos will demonstrate its mobile iris-scanning solution to the most influential members of the financial technology community on May 10, 2011. The pocket-sized device employs the same commercially deployed iris-scanning technology that powers Hoyos' successful HBOX ® and EyeSwipe suites of products. Hoyos product and technology solutions are deployed and trusted by government agencies, Tier 1 banking institutions, corporate headquarters and international governments and institutions.

"Iris-based systems guarantee a level of security and identity protection that is unparalleled by any other biometric, password encrypted or card-based system in existence today. Without hyperbole, the Hoyos mobile iris scanning technology solution will have an enormous impact on identity theft and fraud," said Jeff Carter, Chief Business Development Officer of Hoyos. "We are revolutionizing the way individuals interact with and protect all aspects of their physical and digital identity. The Hoyos product and technology solution perfectly aligns with the Obama Administrations objective to create a secure infrastructure and replace user names and passwords. The Hoyos solutions will soon become the default solution for protecting personal identity," he added

FinovateSpring is an exclusive two-day conference that selects companies to showcase and demonstrate the newest and most exciting financial and banking technology innovations. This year's conference will take place from May 10-11, 2011 at the San Francisco Concourse Exhibition Center.

Hoyos recently signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Stanley Convergent Security Solutions, the second largest commercial security services company and part of Stanley Black & Decker (NYSE: SWK), to bring its iris-scanning identity technologies to the government, commercial and industrial sectors. This partnership will provide Hoyos with the financial and operational flexibility to continuously expand its portfolio of identity-based, biometric technology product solutions.

About Hoyos Group

Hoyos Group is a leading enterprise company with 25 a year history of successfully commercializing transformative ideas that transcend market sectors including Finance, Technology and Hospitality. The company holds deep expertise in strategic management, financial services, product commercialization, marketing and strategic business development.

The Hoyos Group of companies has commercialized some of the most important technology innovations in the world from super-computers to Praetorian 3D video modeling technology and most recently, the Hoyos in-motion iris biometric suite of products an technology solutions and EyeLock, the first mobile iris scanning product and multi-sided network architecture.

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