The best way to deal with ISIS

The way to dispel darkness is with light.  The way to defeat lies is with truth.  The way to defeat hatred is with love.  Dropping bombs will never defeat a philosophy based on darkness and hatred.  Dropping bombs might do some good in the short term, but the people we drop them on are enslaved by an evil philosophy, Islam.  We need to switch on the light and help them understand why it is wrong and why Jesus is the only answer. 

 Why is Islam wrong?  How dare we criticize ‘one of the world’s great religions’?  It was started 600 years after Christ by one illiterate Arab man, Mohammed, who saw visions of a being which claimed to be the angel Gabriel, but was in fact a demon.   That demon gave Mohammed instructions for the new religion.  

Soon people were being beheaded if they would not join the new religion.  They had to worship a god called Allah, the moon god of Mohammed’s tribe.  That is why the crescent moon is a prominent symbol in Islam. 

The new religion taught that God has no son.  So it is nothing like Christianity and we do not worship the same God.  

These are things Christians do not know about, but they must now get clued up.  And Muslims need to be told.  They have been indoctrinated into accepting a religion that teaches very bad things.  The truth is our best weapon.  Jesus said that He in fact is the truth.  And He is the Light of the World.  Only the truth about Jesus and the truth about Islam will set those poor deluded people free and change the miserable, hopeless lives in which so many millions  are stuck.

You could say that we tried that 'winning hearts' policy in Iraq and it did not work.  Of course it did not work!  It only works if people learn the Bible and put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ.  That is the one and only answer, and it was never tried in Iraq.  One news item after the Iraq war claimed that we built 1,000 schools in Iraq to try to win their hearts.  If this was true, what a waste of money.  Did they teach the Bible in those schools?  No, of course not.  So the people who sat in darkness stayed in darkness.

The real problem is that even oour own leaders for the most part do not believe the Bible and do not know what Islam teaches.  And even many of our own Christian churches are run by people who do not know much about the Bible and do not really believe what they do know about it.

Jesus said:  'Unless a man is born again, he cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.' Gospel of John, chapter 3 verse 3.  Are you born again, dear reader?  This is a supernatural birth, a new life which Jesus gives every person who puts their faith in Him. 

That is what is needed, desperately needed, not only in the Middle East, but in the West as well.  People need to be born again.  Leaders of Christian churches even need to be born again!  Some just have their positions as mere jobs.   They have never got on their knees and asked Jesus to forgive their own sins and make them His own people.  If you have never done this, if you have never come to Christ as a lost sinner with nothing to offer Him, you had better do it now, and it had better be from the heart.

And because of the times we live in, we have to understand the enemies of the gospel, which means we have to spend some time finding out what the false religions teach and why they are wrong.

 As for muslims, do we hate them?     No way.  We love them enough to want them to know the truth and be saved.  We want them to have the wonderful freedom which only comes via the truth found in the holy Bible.

Please click below on our Table of Truth for a quick rundown of what Islam teaches compared with what the Bible says:

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