's global non warming weather!

And the Global Warming fanatics, after two winters like this and falling world-wide temperatures, (and reduced crops) still make us waste money countering global warming! Christina Speight ================== TELEGRAPH 15.12.08 More than 1m without power in US due to snowstorms More than one million people were left without power after a major snowstorm hit the north-east region of America. More than one million people were left without power after snowstorms in north-east America Photo: REUTERS A state of emergency was declared in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and parts of Maine after the cold snap, which authorities described as the worst ice storm in a decade. Temperatures were well below freezing over the weekend and officials warned it could take days to restore electricity as utility companies struggled to repair power lines downed by tree branches coated in ice. The Public Service of New Hampshire, where 370,000 customers were hit, said: "Customers currently without power should plan on the possibility of being without power for several more days." "The damage is extensive and assessment is a challenge due to many impassable roads. "The magnitude of the damage is similar to that experienced in the January, 1998 ice storm, but covers a much more widespread area – the entire southern tier of the state has been impacted." New Hampshire Governor John Lynch declared a state of emergency on Friday, committing all resources to fighting storm damage. In the far northeastern state of Maine, nearly 172,000 customers were without power, as utility trucks worked to restore power. A Central Maine Power Company spokesman said: "It's going to be a few days, that's their best guess." Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick also declared a state of emergency and mobilised some 500 National Guards to help in the clean-up effort. He estimated the damage caused by the ice storm at around seven million dollars and sought help from President George W. Bush in securing federal emergency funds for Massachusetts' recovery efforts. More rain and snow was forecast for isolated areas of central New York state and northeastern Maine while the rest of the region was expected to remain dry but bitter cold. New York state, which extends far north and west of the city of New York, also saw 300,000 households and businesses left without power =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Heavy snow cuts power to 100,000 French homes Heavy snowfall and rainstorms across southern France cut power lines and trapped people in cars and trains on Sunday. About 100,000 households were without electricity, local authorities and the ERDF power distribution company said. Two thousand people were stuck on trains running along the Mediterranean coast that came to a standstill when rainstorms brought down power lines. Up to 60 centimetres (24 inches) of snow fell in hilly regions over 24 hours and 12 French departments have been put on avalanche alerts, the French weather service said.


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