Homeopathy is a demonic farce, occult and useless mumbo jumbo which won’t cure anything. By Pat Franklin.

We realized years ago that homeopathy was a farce. Now we know that it is occult, a form of magic which claims to be medical, but is demonic. The tragic thing is that some Christians, particularly in the Brethren, believe in homeopathy and use products which not only cannot heal them, but could give demons an inroad into their lives.  Please, read on and arm yourself with the facts! 

Some readers may be in desperation, so we’re putting the solution at the beginning, instead of at the end of the article.  If you have been taking homeopathic remedies, and are now in trouble, whether physical, mental or spiritual, you need to repent of all involvement in homeopathy or any other form of the occult.

This includes contact with mediums, yoga, reiki, tai chi, tarot cards, séances, hypnotism, horoscopes, the ouija board, psychic circles, ghosts, drugs, pendulum swinging, dowsing, or any other form of trying to get hidden information by magic, or any form of alleged contact with dead people, etc.  What a dreary list.  Satan has built a million roads to Hell.  There is only one narrow path to Heaven – faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

You need to renounce these demonic things now, ask God to forgive you and put your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Ask Him to wash you clean and rid you of all demonic influences. 

You do not need things psychic.  You need Jesus Christ in your heart.  You need the Holy Spirit, not demonic spirits.  The Lord Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven and the only one who can fill you with the Holy Spirit.  You need to know Him as your Savior and Lord, and to get into a church where you can meet real believers, a church which believes and studies the Word of God, the Bible.

Instead of renouncing homeopathy, some Christians are using it to try to heal medical problems!  They actually have books on it in their homes and defend it if you question it.  This is disastrous!  Please, read on for the facts.

  •  Homeopathy says ‘like cures like’, so for example if you can’t sleep, they might prescribe a stimulant like coffee, only a teeny weeny little drop of it, in fact such a teeny weeny drop that it does not even exist at all!
  • Homeopathic medicine is diluted to the point where it contains nothing but water. 
  • It is then shaken or tapped, and that is supposed to make the water ‘remember’ how to heal.  They dignify this ridiculous shaking and tapping by a word they made up:  ‘succussion’.   The water is then thickened up with sugar or some harmless substance and made into little pills. 
  • The shaking and tapping gives the water ‘vital force’, they believe.  This ‘force’ is nothing more than paganism, pantheism, the idea that God is in everything.  Wrong!  God made everything!  He is separate from His  creation.  His creation is NOT Him!  That is a lie.  He is the Creator, not the creation.  In fact He’s going to burn it all up!  Please read 2 Peter. 

 How Satan makes fools of us!  

Homeopathy is magic and not science.  Homeopathic ‘medicine’ is diluted to the point where it contains nothing but water!  Nothing!  It is nothing!   And some of God’s own people are falling for this stupidity.

 ‘Ah, but I know someone who was healed…’ you might say.  You no doubt have heard of the ‘placebo effect’.   Taking a pill which contains nothing is not going to heal you!  Think!  God gave you a brain!

 The real problem is not taking a sugar pill that has no value and will not cure you.  The real problem is that you are playing with fire.  Homeopathy is one of Satan’s dangerous games which you play at your peril.

 The Bible tells us very clearly:  Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy.  Jesus came that we might have life, abundant life! (John 10:10)  Dear people, choose this day who you will serve!

 Here are two valuable websites.  This one explains in a simple, clear way what homeopathy is:


 And here is a brilliant article by Pastor David L. Brown, Ph.D. laying bare the demonic roots, the history, and the truth about homeopathy


 Note:  Our grateful thanks to Flt. Lieut. Richard Snowdon, recently retired RAF pilot and vibrant Christian, who reminded us of this important subject over lunch last weekend.  There is a wonderful article featuring Richard by Phillip Bell in the current  (April 2014) issue of Creation magazine,   You can subscribe to Creation at www.creation.com and how we wish that every household in the world had a subscription!

Alan adds: Many such false ideas, faiths, cults, isms and wrong-headed Christianity are exposed in the book Pat and I wrote, Cults and Isms, True or False?which is a good reference book for your bookshelves, especlally useful when the cultists come knocking at your door!


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